VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019


I know how you feel. Saw Henry Winkler once in a lobby in NYC and smiled at him. Donuts.


You must have got even shorter; I don’t see the little people down that low.

Also, I have the actual excuse of having been born deaf.


Also, oops, missed the VFLW first practice match at Franga earlier in the day.


You forget who I am !

Euler and I have been lifelong friends.


Highlight of my day … Dodoro standing next to me in quarter 1. When I asked where his jacket was he replied that he had left it in the car !
Twas a good day at the footy


Yes. He walked out to the 3/4 time huddle in his runners with an ice pack down his shorts over his right groin.

I also walked into the ground today at the same time as Zerk. I asked him about his ankle he said it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as initially feared and was just a sprain, he will be right to play next week.


A few random thoughts of mine from today:

Draper is ready. I know some say his positioning around the ground needs a bit of work but I can’t really see it, he generally gets to the right spots from what I have seen in all the games this year. His tap work is excellent, he can also take it out of the ruck often and his marking, ground work and kicking have all improved considerably from last year. I would definitely have him in front of Zlarke, I think he offers more in the ruck, around the ground and in the forward line.

I was really impressed with Redman as well. As someone else said he just goes 100% all the time and his kicking particularly the short kicks up to 30 metres are outstanding, very similar to Ridley. He just seemed to run out of puff a bit towards the end, may need another game or two to get up to full fitness.

Another typical game from Gleeson, he read the ball excellently and mopped up most things in defense. It will be interesting to see who gets a game first out of him and Redman (I think I would prefer Redman).

Mo22ie will unquestionably be in our best 22 next year and will end up an absolute star. He had 2 or 3 miss kicks today but from what I have seen from last week and in training it’s actually normally one of his strengths. But 3 or 4 things he did today were nothing short of exceptional. On several occasions he had a ball coming at him with a pack bearing down and not only managed to run through and evade the whole pack but then turned and ran toward goal. The only player in the team that may have been able to do the same is Shiel, and I’m not even sure about that. Anybody else would have dished off the ball to a player under pressure.

His pressure acts are also fantastic, he never gives up on a chase and applies pressure right up till the moment the ball is cleared.

The only real question mark for me at the moment (apart from whether he has an understanding of the game plan) is his fitness. I watched him closely at the end of last and this week and I think he’s struggling to run out the game while also only playing reduced minutes. As he’s only training part time at the club I’m not sure if he will get his fitness levels up to standard this year, but if he does he will play at some stage.

Brown’s 5 goals were overrated, at least 3 or 4 came from crumbing out the back of a pack and he had no real impact in marking or pack situations. It was very clear today why Smack was preferred to him. I think he has a role in the team but he’s not the answer as a key forward unless we have someone else doing well with the grunt work.

Langford to me was a bit disappointing, I was hoping for a bit more composure and better execution from someone with his senior experience.

Dlarke racked up the disposals again but I’m still not sold.

I thought Begley did well in his first game back, moved quite well and showed some good strength over the ball. I’d like to see him be a bit stronger in the air though, it’s one of my knocks on his game when comparing him to someone like Laverde.

Gown got a bit more involved today, it was by far his best game out of the 4 so far. Still a work in progress though and unless he improves significantly or we have a lot of injuries we probably won’t see him in the seniors this year.

Ham also showed some good signs, he also needs at least one more pre season.

Jok continues to work hard. His handballing even under extreme pressure is very good, but I think he needs a lot more work in his contested ball work, both getting the ball and applying pressure. His tackling is excellent but he often hangs back until the opposition have the ball then tackles, rather than stopping them getting it or getting it himself.


Why god why did I waste so much time at school and uni learning about something that can’t possibly exist?


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Sounds like most of the rest of our players. (With some improvement this week)
Thanks for your insights


Seeing a winning VFL side bodes well for the seniors.


At least Mo22ie got to sing the song this week :slight_smile:


Quick notes

Mozzie takes no crap, anyone niggles him, he hits back with interest. He is tough.

Some bloke try to clean Fridge up after the ball went oob. Lined him up at full pace, Fridge didn’t move an inch, just looked at him. We laughed


I’d really like to see Redman, Begley and Gleeson in the AFL team. For those who attended, how far do they each look from being ready for a senior game? At least one more week in the VFL for each?


Same, I’m a big fan of all three. Gleeson looks ready. Redman has to be close but was gasping a bit towards the end. Begley needs another game or two.


Glees only played 3/4’s didn’t he?

I thought Redman looked “most” ready. But it would depend on the role.

Begs wouldn’t be in line for seniors for a month, at a guess.


Great news Re Mo22ie


I woulld say, (and said) that Gleek and Redders would be ready if needed, … or very bluddy close to. Begs 2, probably 3 weeks away.

They said he was only on a half game this week, … but I actually reckon he was out there longer than that. :thinking:


And Red’s coming off a very good aerobic base. He transformed from being in the lower half of the group last pre-season, to right at the forefront this pre-season. I think he’ll be good to do soon. I hope Gleeson plays two more games in the VFL. Same with Begs.


How was Gleeson’s leadership and positioning down back? Always thought he’s had some great leadership traits and would love an extra leader in our defence. I reckon if he tells Woosha he’s good to go he’s in.