VFL - Round 1 vs Franga @ Franga, 2pm Sunday 7 April 2019

Mozzie takes your breath away with some of the things he does. He escapes traffic as good as anyone and is tough as nails. He puts on a lot of pressure and did a fantastic hip and shoulder that sent the frankston lad flying. This lad is going to put bums on seats and the kids are going to love him too. I hope we see him get a taste this season. my #1 thing I took out of the VFL game was that draper will be our first choice ruck very very soon.


I reckon he’s worsfold’s favourite player. They are always deep in discussion

Supporters are going to lose it seeing Irving and Tippa doing their thing in the same side.


Excitement machines errryywhere

HF: Fantasia Daniher TIPPA
F: Mosquito Smack Stringer


Fuarrrkkkkk I’M GONNA GUMB

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He was brilliant in setting up the ground. Directing players to space or to the opposition. Was a key part of preventing a single score from Frankston for half the game.

One of the funniest looking moments of the day was Gleeson coaching Draper on body positioning in a contest. Gleeson was hip and shouldering a body twice his size.

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During a couple of convo’s yesterday, there was a general sense that seeing them together sooner rather than later would be a Dream come true one might say. whistle


Hate to break to to you mate - there’s no way that was Dodoro.


I have 2 witnesses to verify that it was Dodoro and I know what the man looks like. He even said "See you later Boys when he left after Houlahan’s first goal.
But sure you know better than everyone!

If Woosh had any sense of theatre then he would hand Irving a Dreamtime debut. We all know what Sheedy would do.


after this week’s bye he has 5 VFL games before the Dreamtime match.

I know we are eager, but the kids just starting out. Then again if he’s tearing it up, then why not give him a taste and see what happens.

Sheedy would have. Not so sure the current match committee will.

ha - just typed my post and then saw yours.

something about great minds…

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I think there may have been just a little bit of sarcasm there about leaving his jacket behind


Make that 3 great minds, I have been wondering the same thing myself. Just not sure he will be able to run out a full game yet.

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Mmm, … by games end I was thinking he’s got a ways to go myself. No doubting the endeavor though, so if he puts the work in & fixes up a few things like settling and kicking a fair bit cleaner, who knows? Thoughts seemed to be his tank is in not bad shape already.

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You reckon he said he left his jacket in the car… and you still think it’s Dodoro?

He was referring to the second jacket. Dodoro was obviously wearing at least one and had several others in the car.


Sheedy wouldn;t wait for the dreamtime game, Sheedy would debut him on Anzac Day

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Nah, I reckon he’d give Ham ANZAC day

Given today’s protest, Ham should play this week.