VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

Heard from friend watching Saints games that Hind played well for the Saints today on debut. Showed composure
Good luck to him


1 goal. 7 disposals. 2 tackles


Thanks @theDJR and all commentators. Good job.


I was there for the second and third quaters. Pretty hard match to watch.

Super slow. And hard for us to get our quick ball movement happening.

I know one of his lecturers from uni and she says he is a great kid. Was rapt that he got picked up again. Looks like he is making the most of his second chance.

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Watched the first half
Not a great game, except for beating the Dawks of course.
Worth noting they had AFL standard key backs in Mirra & Schoenmakers plus Roughie forward & two big rucks.
Couple of observations;
First time seeing Mozzie live - he’s short but not small, with wide shoulders and a big torso - he won’t get broken easily. And there’s a frame to hang some serious muscle on over a couple of years. Look out if that happens because his appetite for a contest is first rate. If I had to punt we could see someone closer to Dean Rioli or Byron Pickett rather than Cyril or Longy.

Brown is showing no signs of a sore wrist and covered a lot of ground, without really dominating- see comment re Dawks key backs.

Gown is surprisingly vocal. Endurance reasonable and nearly clunked a few. Needs to continue to work on his kicking- a bit tentative and lacking distance & follow through.

Snelling is short. Very good sharing at the feet of a contest and throws himself into it. Not especially damaging by hand or foot though. The big boys stop him breaking clear. Tidy but not the future at this stage.

Mainly looked at the forwards and we seem to be playing quite similar structures to the Firsts. Rotations and balance of talls, mediums and smalls. This is a good thing. I’ve been critical in the past re our Twos game plan - if we’re going to transition players up a level it really helps if they understand the roles expected of them.


So where did Snelling primarily play and if he gets a go in the seniors where is the most likely spot?

Seriously good win that.


I hope Diggers didn’t see this post, he’ll be getting the lawyers involved.

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You mean farked Whorethorne.

Oh yeah baby, feels good.

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I just call them the part-time Tasmanians. Their supporters hate it!

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Yep. Grinding out the tight ones (and topping it off with some inspirational brilliance from Mo22ie and Gown) is something worth appreciating. Going in with a sole 19yo ruck and being down 17-66 for taps meant we had to get it back elsewhere.


Would Estonia get this game do you reckon?


Quick and long Gown kick was going over both of them; Houlahan held the back position with his hip and “easily” marked.

The club will put out a video of it up in the coming days.

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McNeice took some nice intercept marks in the last to help get us over the line.

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Our backline was awesome. Dea dominated all day (22 disposals, 11 marks); he reads the incoming ball sooooo much better than his opponents. Hartley (20 disposals, 11 marks, 10 rebound fifties) might not get another AFL game but he’s doing nothing wrong at this level (ruck work was uneventful, just 1 tap). Bezerk Thatcher (12 touches, 6 marks) is back to Full Clunk mode, would love to see him get a seniors run. McNeice also some very nice cameos (12 disposals, 7 marks), Gleeson (21 disposals, 9 marks) improved as the game went on, Long (one awful botch aside) was decent (17 disposals, 7 marks).

Myers (30 disposals, 5 tackles, 9 inside fifties) continues to casually break the 22 disposal limit (almost none of our team this year has got past that, despite our good form as a team). First time in ages (ever?) I’ve loved watching him week in, week out. Stay!

Can’t say I noticed Ham much (12 disposals).

Brown had 7 disposals and 2 goals in a half before being pulled out. His two kicks to goal from fifty out were awesomely effortless.

Younan was a mix of forward and wing (15 disposals, 7 marks, no score but certainly some score involvement).

Mosquito started and ended well, disappeared for much of the middle (10 disposals, 4 tackles, 1.1)

Gown had a rather familiar game: 7 disposals, 0.2, and farked out of an easy set shot on goal by the flogs three times.

Ridley was wing/forward, not prominent (16 disposals, no score).

On the other hand Monster Mynott was mostly mid, and seemed more prominent to me than his 16 disposals indicate.

Snelling was overwhelmingly mid after being primarily a forward last game. 22 and 7 tackles, is clean and doesn’t drop off when he’s not the one with the ball. Seventeen men also got around him after his first goal for us.

The Traveller was mostly in defence: one overt clanger out of 9 disposals.

The Guccione played back, ruck and forward at times. Just 7 disposals and a point, but he doesn’t look out of place in this sport.

HepA a mix of back and mid, was better than his 13 disposals and 5 tackles indicated. Some clutch moments and putting his body on the line when it mattered.

Hocking forward and sometimes mid. 12 disposals and 1.1

Houlahan had his typical game: when he was good he was very very good, but when he was bad he was very very absent. 7 disposals but an important 2.1

Landt an unremarkable 7 disposals.

Nino Lazzaro gave basically nothing in the first half. But ending on 8 disposals and more importantly 2.1 was crucial given the small margin and Brown being absent in that half.

Bowman only had 9 touches and 12 hit-outs but he’s not a dead loss around the ground. Moves well and even gets away with it when someone is silly enough to handball to a stationary ruckman. His main opponent Pittonet topped the Dreamteam points with 21 disposals and 49 hit-outs.



Taking out Zac Clarke, Bags and Frang the day of the game - and limiting Browny to a half against a seriously experienced unit like theirs would’ve killed a lot of teams. Was a win full of merit.