VFL - round 13 vs Werribee @ Chirnside Park, Sunday 30 June 2019 at 11:40am - on telly

Already been a great weekend with us winning and then the filth and whorethorn both losing. Looking forward to seeing us roll Werribee ahead of the scum losing as well. Perfect…expect for the injuries to Bellco and Paddy.

Bzerk still good to go?

David J Richardson wakes up more nervous than Laverde lining up for goal when it’s a TV game knowing we’ll all be able to judge with our own eyes if his play by play updates are up to scratch.


Blitz play by play commentary is a results driven gig; its hard to see if there is a better alternative waiting in the wings ready to take over. As long as he meets his kpis he should be safe.

Im working until half time-ish. Im relying on you ■■■■■

Yes, with 2nd rate hair dye job

Modest crowd in bright sun.

Wind is present but very random.


Curry last night?
You can probably get away with it at Werribee.


Playing: HepA Hocking Berry Huggard Younan Bowman.

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What, no NINO??

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Snelling from 76 to 57, still no 40? Lol.

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Bench: Huggard Mowman Mutch Younan Aylett

Mozz injured-hamstring?

Mo22ie getting leg worked on.

Hartley two marks, Clarke one dropped…

Ground slippier than expected.

Scoreboard counting up on the odd seconds again.

Scoreboard now counting on even seconds. Weird.

Mo22ie about to get iced.