VFL - Round 14 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 2pm Sunday 8 July 2018


A few drops of rain now. At our race, ten metres from me.


Franga tackle stops attack.


NewLAV tackle earns free on the wing.


Awful last kick by them allows Hartley to intercept.


Franga boring non-intercept mark.


We slowly work it forward to Stewart versus two. Urgh.


Consequent rebound gives them a set shot in range. Underestimated the wind, point to the left.



Another awful last kick by them, to Ridley this time.


Franga’s man bounces off contest in exactly the direction the ball did, and so runs in to goal.




Tackle a lesson from the girls in all-ground pressure, boys…


How strong is the wind?


It’s worth at least 13 points. It hasn’t been the issue though.


Even with the wind Richmond playing two on Stewart


Sideways dribble kick by Ridley leads to a point to them.




Any chance of fast forwarding to 6pm and putting us out of our misery re VFL/AFL scores?
This weekend sports results bode poorly - all Aussies knocked out at Wimbledon, Richie Porte loses time in Stage 1 of Tour de France. What else is in store??


Pin point by Franga


Franga the first bit of skill seen today: amazing drill pass to the leading Merrett. Mark and goal.

Think Stringer to TIPPA last week… but better, despite kicking into the wind.



VFLW won, get nicked.


Getting some scrappy free kicks, holding.


Don’t want pin points anywhere near frangas.