VFL - Round 17 2023 vs Geelong 2.05pm Sun 16 GMHBA

Voss will smell a call up for next week, I suspect you might see him go nuts today, just to make sure the coaches don’t have a choice.

The others who will be looking for a call up are Cox, Baldwin and Tsatas, all with a good chance for next week.


Just want Walla, ADJ & Wanganeen to have big games, we need Walla’s strength & toughness and one of ADJ or Wanganeen for speed and smarts.


Going to be hard for this team to cover the loss of AFL level ruckman Bryza.


Anyone giving up a tank of fuel to go to the VFL game at G’long today?
Apparently EFC are striking a medal in your honour if you’re sighted at the ground!:wink:

The game will be televised.

would love wanga to keep up his good form from last couple weeks

Yep…but wouldn’t it be so much better to see it in person and then travel all the way back to Melbourne!!!:roll_eyes:

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I’m watching through 7Plus….is the game on yet or is it still Better Homes & Gardens? The app is a bit clunky to tell what’s going on through the PlayStation.

Edit: it’s on.

Just started on 7+

Just don’t get suspended Vossy

Of course for some reason my reception on ch7 is ■■■■■! Keeps breaking in and out :roll_eyes:

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Shocking from massimo

Jeez. Two horrid disposals from defence from Lord and now Mass

Might be worth streaming it instead via 7+

Bugger, Wanganeen snap touched


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And now Baldwin with a turnover exiting defence

Not doing ourselves any favours

He’s done that at least twice, decision-making needs improvement


An into-the-balls-Falcon!

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lol man getting hit by football from teammate is a classic

How was that not HTB