VFL - Round 17 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 27 July 2019

Was spoken about on the VFL coverage before the bye that Dan Jordan would be spending his week off looking for a ruckman. Has Liam McBean come back to Melbourne?

I believe McBean and Joe go way back.

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Bowman was running around for Sandy in the TAC over the bye weekend.

Maybe they need to qualify him for the junior finals? Don’t know their qualification rules off the top of my head though.

Looks like Hartley and Baguley will play today. Myers and Begley are at Gold Coast training.


So Hooker mustn’t be in doubt as some have suggested

See the training thread for more. Gleeson Clarke McGrath started with skills to the side of the main group, and have been joined by Hooker.

Just checked the odds: Williamstown are favourites in this match.

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May be a fair bet, starting to cloud over here & rain can’t be far away.
Local knowledge will be important here today


Overcast conditions here, breeze reasonable and gaining strength from the west across the ground.

ASADA tester sitting in grandstand. Do they test before or after a game?

Cherry Bomb by the Runaways playing on the PA, like it


Ha. Remember the ASADA guy who turned up to test Dean Wallis’s son the week after Dean spoke out? Copped crap all day, waiting for the end of the game.

Mr ASADA is lurking near our rooms

Do they wear an “I’m an ASADA tester” sign round their neck??

Effectively, yes. A polar fleece with ASADA written on it and he is carrying a esky type cooler bag.

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And a clipboard with player pics.

:joy::joy: So much for blending into the crowd incognito!

Little Hammy looking a little forlorn as he leans against the fence

Ankle / calf?

is this on 7, or a live stream?

or only radio djr?