VFL - Round 18 vs Sandy @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 3 August 2019 - streamed

Yes and Myers 2, they mistakenly gave one of Jayden’s goals to Myers as mentioned above, the stats are wrong.

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Did Begley play the majority of the match in the midfield? That is probably the most touches he has ever had in one game.

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Both Begs and Lav spent a lot of the game pushing up between the arcs providing link options as we pushed through the middle.

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The stats also (incorrectly) don’t show HepA getting a goal. Not sure whose goal he takes off that list.

How long has Aaron Heppell been wearing the donut?

All captains wore 0 this week.

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Thoughts on Jok’s readiness?

Exactly the type of player we need for our game style imo.

Couldn’t be worse than what we’re running with now

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How’d he go in the ruck?

Did alright @benfti

Contested well and second efforts were excellent. If he didn’t win the ruck he went in hard. He also provided some excellent run and busted the lines a few times. Don’t think you would have him rucking all the time but he can pinch hit there quite well.

Bowman was pretty good and he gets around the ground well too. Good mark too.


Do the VFL hand out goalkicking medals based on these phony stats?

I’d love to see Jok groomed for that team orientated wing role that Guelfi is doing atm.

Brooke would have to work harder than that. The article was both informative and readable, with no grammatical errors. With that form, she won’t get a job as a communication specialist at the AFL.


IN: Myersy, Baguleysy

Didn’t spend much time in the ruck this week with Bowman playing, played most of the day outside mid. He was the primary ruckman against Willy the week before, but a pretty brief chopout on the weekend.

Seem to be there for a lot of the 3rd when I was watching and his second efforts were outstanding, that and his line busting.

Surprised that Tynan Smith is only 20yo. Kid is 187cm and 94kg built like an absolute tank and has a ripper set of hands.

Aaron Heppell needs more kudos around these parts, he’s turned himself from a nuggety small defender with poor disposal and questionable athleticism to a nimble midfielder with good disposal and great captain.


He was very good watch, his work rate, second efforts, strong marking, and direct kicking were pretty spot on.

Plays like a champion country full forward. I’ll certainly be watching him closely in the final few rounds.

He better listen to Dan Jordan then.