VFL - Round 18 vs Sandy @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 3 August 2019 - streamed

gee jok played well

Seemed to be rucking well

24 possessions and broke the lines well

Begley looks like he has finally found some form to build on.

My man Bowman keeps on keeping on, he’ll be on an AFL list next season. If we had picked him up in the MSD he wouldn’t be any worse than Clarke, less comical though.


Starting to worry about Mynott, is he carrying something?

6 possessions in a belting to back up a poor showing last week.

In other funny stuff today:

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Wow, that’s unexpected.

You’re right and the stats are wrong, they gave one of Jayden’s goals to Myersy. Jayden 3, Myers 2.

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Was injured in the first quarter. Went into rooms and came back for second quarter but was being attended by trainer and doctor soon after. Some sort of ribs injury it seemed. Didn’t see him after half time.


Re Bowman, not sure if it’s the panic merchant in me but I sort of feel like we should use one of our ND picks on him

Did Ridley play?

Not according to the stats.

P.S. Hocking was listed as an out (not even on the extended bench) but played.

I heard he has dodgy loins and that he once punched a priest whilst high on ice and KFC


I heard he may be dropped to the seniors next week.


Yet misses easy shots directly in front in the seniors…why Lav why?!

Was at Windy Hill in the morning watching my cousin play in the VFLW then made the ghastly decision to leave and watch the seniors at Marvel.

Should send that to Barrett for a sliding doors moment.

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A few of us were thinking that we made the wrong decision to go to the seniors.

You can watch the replay if you want:


I must admit I was pretty pleasantly surprised at the size of the crowd considering the AFL were playing at the exact same time, expected the stands to be pretty much empty but there was still plenty of support.


Jok in the 3rd 1/4 has been outstanding.

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10.1 in the 3rd, absolutely demolished Sandy