VFL - Round 19 vs Bin Chickens @ Windy Hill, 1:05pm Sunday 30th July

The Collingwood medico’s will get him back.

Yep, bring on the ladies I say

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Dont know what else he can do and yet doesnt get a game even with rids injured.

Anyone else here watching this debacle?

ESS 3.5.23
BIN 15.8.98

Notes from this game so far.

  • Weid down back is a joke. Zero defensive awareness, panics under pressure and racks up useless possession that leads to nothing. Absolute cop out him being in defence.

  • Walla probably close to our best at HT. Some good moments, no goals but looked lovely.

  • Tsatas - After a fairly non-descript first half despite winning a fair bit of the ball, he’s shown some really good signs with some of his dash and breakaway from stoppage. Hands been fairly clean in close. Should debit next week.

  • Voss barely touched it but given the lack of service to him I’m not surprised. A waste him playing in this team.

  • Mass looks like he’s tweaked an ankle.

  • Hayes with another pre-sssson or 2 under the belt should end up a fine player.


just delist stuz and weid instantly.

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Was hoping for a Battle of the Duds matchup between Weed and Franger


francis tried to run from his fate, but he is destined for sunday afternoon at windy hill vfl footy.

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Only just saw the real VFL thread. Mods please merge.

Hayes again showing some real tenacity with a fine attempt at a mark (unlucky to spill out at the 3rd grab as he landed), but recovered quickly to put on a smother. I like him!

Almost every time we get the ball, someone (usually a non-AFL listed player) misses a basic kick or handball and it becomes an uncontested procession back to our defensive 50. Sydney’s side are so much stronger than ours in every facet.


Tsatas been terrific with his hands but constantly let down by an absolute spud who stuffs it up straight after.

Walla also solid and that’s about it. I still rate Baldwin.

Very worrying signs for the list given this swans side is second last.


I’m not watching, but I’m gonna guess there aren’t too many guys angling for selection…

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We are going to make him pay to play?

Surely he hasn’t been that bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep. At best Tsatas and Baldwin. Nobody else has done enough for a senior recall. Tex potentially. Kicked 2 goals, could come in for Davey.

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sheesh meet the ■■■■■■■ ball

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Utter embarrassment on a huge scale. You would swear that the majority of the side did not understand the fundamentals of football. I could understand if the coach has said to the players “let’s treat this as a practice game and well just introduce a heap of experimental moves and strategies”…well guess what, it’s not a practice game and we look both stupid and unprofessional!


The skill level between the 2 teams is like chalk and cheese. If Weid gets promoted to the seniors ahead of Baldwin as a defender because he’s got 20 useless touches then shut the club down.


this is just highlighting why dodoros list management aint up to it.

most of swans midfield appear to be afl listed talents, ours is vfl listed, yeah whatever vfl side, it means theres ■■■■ all depth for our midfield.


Yeah our depth is bad

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[insert Mr Burns how dare you pic]

Found it…


the fact Shiel and Setters are injured perhaps?

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