VFL - Round 2 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:05pm Sunday 31 March 2024

Jayden Davey did some nice things that goal was my highlight of the day, and it was his running goal the previous week too.

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Not sure about that Houli, the only thing I seen Jaden do today was kick that goal which was from a dubious free kick, nice goal but him an Jr seems to be a fair way off at the moment.
I would even consider playing Roberts as a forward pocket right now, the kid just knows how to football.

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he was in the right spot to kick another but missed.
had 8 disposals 4 tackles, not a heap of ball but more than Alwyn.

Roberts 22 disposals 8 marks 3 tackles 3 clearances, great game. but I like my small forwards to have lightening pace.

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Fair enough, I like mine to kick goals.

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  • I thought Lual was very good, after seeing a lot of him at u18 level, i was worried he might be timid at a higher level, but he isn’t at all, looks confident already, he has good hands.
  • The daveys on the other hand… concerning how much they avoid contact.
  • Roberts looks good and quicker than i thought, i don’t think he is ready for seniors yet though, made a few errors, also very left sided.
  • Foley i like and liked him at Calder too.
  • Visinteni looks really good and a solid frame to build on for a ruck and good skills.
  • tsatas kicking definitely has improved.
  • peris would be good in our afl side, super quick and loves tackling.
  • some of our vfl players love a late push in the back on the opposition to give a free inside 50, pretty frustrating.

So so far we’ve been thrashed by an NTFL side, smashed by VFL sides twice in practice matches, slaughtered in rounds 1 and 2 of the VFL. Glad we’ve committed extra resources into the reserves. Pathetic


Left foot laser dart!!

There were many photos taken by https://www.instagram.com/aflwvflwphotos/ and https://www.instagram.com/nbarriephotography/

Oh, and :heart: for the latter’s three pinned galleries!

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Missed the game, did Caddy do much before the injury?

And how did Jayden look?

He barely played, happened in the first few minutes IIRC, had no stats.

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Nope barely touched it. Incident was very early on in the game.

Davey kicked a nice/difficult set shot and set up a couple of others. You can see hes got ‘it’. Will shine brightly in a team that gets it forward more.

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AND photos by Gallivant!


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Good signs for the future, thanks

Since when have Zebras been yellow and black?

I’m convinced he will. We can wait 'til season’s end to see who was right, but I don’t think we will need to wait that long…

That didn’t take long.

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