VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


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Fark, standing at Willy Cricket Ground on a day like today…respect.


Conditions will be horrific for players and fans alike

Kudos to those who get down there

Pray for DJR

That will be interesting. Who is the better inside Clarke or Langers. Having said that, theres no question, Langers is a better medium-tall forward but I would expect Clarke to be a better contested player.

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Better have his Drizabone and Umbrella hat with him today. …

Good luck to the boy today. But you couldn’t get a worse day for a tall forward trying to mark the ball. It’s a day to stack your team with about 16 Marigliani types, 1 ruckman and a few nippy nuggety smalls like Younan.


The DJR is at the ground.

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Jeezuzz, Dave even has an announcer these days??

He used to be such a regular guy …


Feted like a celeb. Next stage; red carpet.

Too (two) Long they’ve been waiting.

There are some comments on the conditions in the VFLW thread

Redman the new inside mid we need and don’t deserve?

Hartley (potential emergency) is playing.

[EDIT: they changed their mind, and he didn’t.]

Hard to pick players in hoodies etc…

Ambrose and McNeice are back.

Looks like it will be chilly in Willy

I think McKernan and Langford are the emergencies (why two?)

Late changes baby.

The old essendon late changes. Gets everyone everytime.

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I think the only thing it does is make ivan apoplectic about where the team is named on the sheet.

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Looks like the front has hit. Thunder, very heavy rain in a line storm