VFL - Round 3 vs North @ AAO, 11am Saturday 20 April 2019


I studied Tex Walker when he was coming through and this kid has some uncanny similarities. Might surprise and play a game this year. Something about him. Love the rats tail, it’s a small thing but says he’s got no qualms about b ding different which is the trait of a champion.


Drapers leap is incredible.


Mmm solid alround midfielder. A bit vanilla without one stand out trait. Brendan Lee esque but with a bit more height. Looks a natural footballer without having anything that makes you say that he could play AFL.


Sounds a bit like you could use the same description for Mutch?


Yep I think they’re both vanilla. Key difference Mutch more dual sided by foot but floats them, and Mynott one sided but a more solid kick. And Mutch more suited to an outside role, whereas Mynott is inside


Mynott is also a bit of a goalsneak. And is better above his head. Which makes him a more versatile prospect capable of playing a role in the forwardline if needed.

Mutch’s lack of athleticism would work against him on the outside, although his good tank would help him get from contest to contest. He also isn’t a very damaging kick, despite being dual sided.

I think all 3 of Clarke, Mutch and Mynott are better suited to inside roles, none will be stars though and only project at being hardworking role players imo. I’d say Mynott has the best chance of making it, purely on his versatility giving him more senior opportunities.


Mynott has the most (flashy) tricks of the three.

(I’m not sure whether said tricks started with him or Hocking, and consequently spread to the other.)


Great post. Thanks.

I remember reading a thread on “the other channel” about Dyson, Monfries and Stanton a long time ago! Of the 3, Dyson had the touch of speed and raking left foot. Was going to be a star. Gus had a few high end qualities and Stanton had a suspect disposal.


(Not that you have a foot fetish or anything)


We got rid of Dyson far too quickly imo.


Huh, I was just about to go “hey, it was @michael4 who is going on about the raking!”


Where is the VFL highlight package? Or Laverde hightlight package? Want to see Mozzy’s goal as well…come on Essendon. Too slow.


Did anyone from Blitz do a match report?
Otherwise, do we 100% rely on Brook Varney’s analysis and report?


Can still watch it if you want


TimeStamp 1:08:20

You’re welcome :+1:


So I looked at Connellan’s record at St Kilda and he played 17 games each of the last two years, averaging just 9 and 10 disposals.

The above timestamp shows he’s faster than Mosquito. He kicks textbook-perfect long and low drop punts, unlike Conor. His profile says he had a 2.78 second sprint time at the Combine (2.75 being the record) and that he played back in the first year and forward last year.

I guess we’ll have to wait for a decent opponent to see if his numbers slump to that unremarkable level, or whether St Kilda completely dropped the ball on this one.


I think our VFL team is working like a finely-tuned machine, and it’s making them all look great! Two thumpings probably too small a sample size.

Anyway, here’s the crucial question - can you see him fitting in with the Essendon list, considering the players we currently have?

IMO, it’s much like the Hind situation, in that here we have a player that offers exceptional speed to a team that specifically needs that…Hind was able to play inside quite a lot (more than Connellan), but his kicking was imperfect (Connellan’s long kicks look better)…in the end, Essendon didn’t feel a need to draft Hind, whilst STK did…I wonder whether the answer is the same on Connellan?


They did feel a need but it was too late, Nick was told that we would take him at pick 60.
Should of rookied him in 2017.


Connellan looks to be an upgrade on Hind. Better kick and a far more solid upper body and all around strength. St Kilda are dumbarses.


With speed such a critical part of our game plan, we have to look at more depth in that area. Considering we just brought in a first gamer to cover an injury, we’re already playing every mature quick player we have available. I can definitely see a use for Connellan or someone of that type. Speed is becoming so dangerous, other teams will be hunting the exact same talent.