VFL - Round 4 vs Casey @ The Hangar, 2pm Sun 16 April 2023

This is the second part of a double-header vs Casey (women play from 11am).

We’ll get any AFL emergencies back from SA in time for this.


Feel bad for McBride.

He showed promising signs as a defender yet he’s been Mr fix it at VFL level.

Would be a tough gig when you’re relatively new to the game.

Essendon fans wanting to attend the matches are advised there will be no on-site parking at the NEC Hangar, with patrons encouraged to park on Melrose Drive or seek public transport alternatives.


I thought Baldwin was out for another week. Great news if he’s back into the side.

Bryan back in should be huge for us, too. Someone who can win hitouts to advantage.

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Are these changes official?

Gonna head down to the Hanger to watch this. Come rain or shine!!

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This is a really disappointing part of being at the Hangar.
At least VFLW attendees will be rewarded with premium car parking.

Looking to be cool, moderate wind, and no/minimal rain during the two games.


So want to thrash VFL Demons this weekend. For the ones vying to get a chance at the AFL and our regulars, I wish a big win. Liking Montgomery and Hayes up back from the vids I’ve seen. Am already a big fan of Baldwin… keep it rolling Bombers so lets not forget those warrior VFLers of ours.

When does the team get announced

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Casey are claiming there will be $10 entry for the men’s game. Mind you, they also think you should take a train to Broadmeadows, then a bus, then walk 20 minutes, so they may be being creative with the truth.

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Casey teams:

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The AFL have published this round’s VFLW teams, but not yet the men’s.

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This is so poor from Essendon.
We used to get the VFL side every Thursday night on the Essendon app/site.

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Usually team announcement 6pm on Fridays

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B: R. Montgomerie (38), W. Hoare (51), J. Fitzgerald (77)
HB: A. Lord (28), L. Hayes (18), M. D’Ambrosio (42)
C: T. Phillips (55), B. Hobbs (8), S. Conforti (53)
HF: A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43), P. Voss (39), B. Cootee (57)
F: T. Wanganeen (40), J. Jorgenssen (56), A. Munkara (45)
R: N. Bryan (24), B. Bernacki (59), Q. Narkle (67)
INT: J. Sutton (69), S. Rasinac (58), J. Cleaver (60), B Laguda (62), J. Brown (63)*
EMG: R. Loton (70), B. Lynch (50), J. Hotchkin (64), N. Hind (19), C. McCarty (79)

IN: N. Bryan, J. Fitzgerald, J. Jorgenssen, J. Sutton
OUT: W. Snelling (AFL), N. Hind (AFL emergency), C. McBride (suspended), J. Hotchkin


This will be the first day featuring a brother and sister playing for us.

(Jake and Reese Sutton)


No Bladwin yet :worried:

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Sugar was still listed as 1 week away on this week’s injury report.