VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019


No, the umps are spoiling it.


Kicking with a 5 goal breeze this quarter. Should be a 70 point win.


Five goals is not a breeze!

I’m slumming it in the stands, can someone down there give us a ground report?


If Francis is going to be a forward, he needs to present to the kicker a bit.


I’m pretty confident when mcneice is around the ball. He’s one of those players who is too good for vfl but not quite AFL level.


Can’t fully blame the AFL. The umps are crap.


Clarke and McNeice leading our disposals on 19.


McNeice playing the Franga role in defence very well.


A sad Lav has a soft word to Francis walking off the bench at 3/4 time, head down. The feeling I get with Lav is one of great disappointment and frustration.
Kid has clearly grown in the off season & im talking about his heart, his effort his professionalism. I would say that his early career at Essendon was characterised by show boating & arrogance, taking shots and missing often when he should have done the team thing. For me he has matured into a good footballer who could be awesome & I like him - a much better version of himself.

Hope he handles the set backs, Francis is a guy I’d be talking too. He knows about the real challenges of life and football and has show awesome character to bounce back to become a good player.

Keep it together buddy, things will get better.


Draper and Lynch very similar stats… but not similar impact.


Need 16 goals to 0 this quarter to maintain our %age.


Nope. Needs more than that.


Draper Clarke Langford Mynott in the middle.


Which is still the AFL fault, either poor training or making it impossible to umpire consistently.


Begley is a one touch player… huge


Begley roves off Franga being spoiled, kick goes bounce bounce bounce bounce GOAL.



He is indeed both of those things.


Begley goal


Begley is another legit gun young player we have