VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019




Is Begley the next Bomber star to come through in this impressive generation of players?



Mozzie to langford to ham inside 50 but knocked over the boundary


Gown’s head ripped off at CHF, no whistle



Fark they’re dumb.

McNeice tripped, handballs, called pinged.


They need to be giving Draper the ruck contests inside 50


Holding the ball wat?


Ouch. Draper marks and kicks backwards. Misses McNeice by a mile. Tackled , free, 50m penalty and goal. ■■■■.




compare this with maynards?




Same umpires being used as Anzac game!


Umpires are showing us who’s boss


Pies kick it stragiht down drapers throat at half back, he kicks back to mcneice and he fumbles then free paid against and 50 which was total bull dust, goal to pies


Umpire wants to kick the goal himself




It was. He threw it.


Do the umps realise where they are, and the lack of security present?


Collingwood fans hate Wells more than we hate the umps.



wells kick rushed thru for a behind