VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019

Are they booing him(Wells)?

Every time he gets it.

mckenna head ripped off free to us kicks forward and ball runs over the boundary line


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Hartly holding onto Reid free kick pies

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Dons win ball back then 50m penalty for us.

Reid point from the boundary

Hartley has improved his haircut by 3000%

hartley to Begley great kick to Mynott to houlahan who turns it over into the forward 50,

Good punch HepA.

Langford on his own so many times, finally we kick it to him.

Gown marks in the centre square kicks to Langford at half forward and he turns it over inside 50

Great mark long.

We bombing it forward too much

Long in a tad of trouble. His strapped right shoulder?

Gown marks half forward switches we bring forward again but sibbald misses everything

Lindt Landt a very nice long quick kick and Langford marks at top of the square. Goal.


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Langford goals.

mosquito cramp again
Langford marks 10m out 45m angle and kicks truly
then straight off to interchange