VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019


Good pressure from Mo22ie on the wing, forces it out.


As usual, not a single person at the lawn bowls.


All married? Is that a Bowls thing?


Lindt Landt bombs one from 55, barely misses.


Nino gets the intercept mark on the kickout. He too drifts left.



First to 100, I think we’ll win.


Francis tap brilliant


Bezerk Thatcher mark, needs the second umpire to overrule the obvious miss.

Down forward and Francis deliberate punch out of the pack to a running McKenna.



Smart by Francis, McKenna goal




I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more boos here.


Reids given Hartley an absolute bath


Cheers as the ump goes down lol


Draper does whatever he likes in the ruck.

(In this case, just grabbing the throw-in and roosting it downfield.)


Begley to McKenna to Ham on the siren.



15.12.102 defeats 9.11.65


Ham miss after siren, 102-65 final


Was Gown ok? He looked like he hurt his leg


Umps couldn’t save the pies this time


McNeice wins the ANZAC anti-eve-eve medal.


YouTube coverage amazing quality.

Great words from all of you thanks!

Draper interview. Outside Speed Quick players. Midfielders did really well. Spoke very well.