VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019

McNeice medal for BOG

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There is some seriously bad hair in that VFL team!

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Didn’t look for him post-siren, sorry.

Replay shows a clatter of ankles with his opponent as they ran.

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On the back our fans being questioned over booing. We are a tribe bomber supporters. When you are wearing Essendon gear in public remember who you represent.

To the bloke in the Ford Falcon wearing a nubrik Essendon top looking for a park at DFO Essendon this morning. Thanks for screaming “get off the ■■■■■■■ road” to me and my daughter.

The car park has no footpaths and we were walking in our lane.

You are very welcome to be a tool but please don’t disrespect our club.



Watched about a half in between toddler activities.

Draper, Begs, Mozzie and Francis (as well as McNeice) all look good to go.


The Francis punch leading to Mckenna goal


Good win

Players I think could come in to seniors and contribute



Ham and Mozzie were ok as
Well and would probably look better at the next level. Mozzie needs to work on fitness as cramped a bit.

Shocking for Laverde to get injured as he will missthe opportunity to replace Brown.


Has Langford changed his attack on the man and ball?

How did Clarke look?

No, still as intense as a wet lettuce leaf.

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Overall, not sure what to make of that. Our effort was pretty even, and when Collingwood started putting pressure on our performance dropped right away. It was only really the second quarter which we blew them out, although we certainly won the first and fourth as well. They killed us in the third, with 9 shots on goal (although with ump assistance).

Draper, McNeice , Langford, and Clarke were the stand outs. Houlihan did well. Pretty even from most of the others.

Long was poor. Francis pretty meh. Mozzie still needs to fix his decision making/disposal, although that may be tank related.



Solid but not spectacular- like Clarke actually.

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Then he can stay out of the side for mine.

Glad to hear that begley looked good as well

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Funny…doesn’t matter AFL or VFL…we play with one set of rules and our opposition with another. It is how it is umpired anyway.


Percentage has another disastrous fall, to 295.3%

The Dawks are second with 152.6% (3 wins, 1 loss).


I wouldnt say poor.
He went ok for the most part gave some direction and started some chains out of defence.
He was trusted with the kick ins and most were ok, one out on the full. And there was another turnover somewhere. I didnt see his man beat him in 1-1’s
But he does look a little slow like you dont see him get close to flat out at any contest, just seems to jog to the ball, lacks a bit of intensity like Langford.
And he went missing for like over a quarter where you don’t see him involved in the play at all, whether that was his man dragging him away or he was benched i dont know.

McNeice was the best small defender today, lots of intercept marks, some against taller opposition and lots of disposals, had one maybe two costly mistake that resulted in goals - freekick/50m penalty and handpass turnover.

Hartley was poor, made a few mistakes, plus I think it was him who gave away a 50m penalty mouthing off at umps after mcneice free against. would be surprised if he was on the list next year.
whereas Zerk-Thatcher was pretty good today.


Draper, Begley and Francis looked way too good for this level, Francis didn’t get as involved as he could have but kicked and created several goals up forward. Little punch for the last goal of the game was a ripper, such a natural footballer.

Langford was ok without setting the world on fire. I expect him to get us consistent first use at this level but he’s just not a midfielder. Looked best up forward.

Mynott and Clarke were good around the ball, McNeice played a good game. Mo22ie and Ham had glimpses.

Tall backs were pretty poor, Reid gave Hartley (mostly) and Zerk-Thatcher a few lessons though Hartley’s kicking is still a feature. Long looked ok at times but doesn’t get involved enough.

Draper the big story though. He’s such a beast of a kid and he moves ridiculously well for such a large bloke. Throws himself into contests, tap work is unbelievably good- Madden like- clunked a few and just dominated.


Francis should never play VFL again tbh. Far to creative and damaging.