VFL - Round 4 vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 27 April 2019

Footy live I’m pretty sure is official champion data stats

Yeah the VFL app.

Surely they’re coming from the same source? Seems an unlikely coincidence they both became live this year.

The live ones will be, guess the other app doesn’t get the re-coded games the following day or whatever. The VFL app is champion data, so I guess it makes sense they’d have them first.

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I really don’t like Kyle’s kick to handball ratio this year. It’s wasting his kicking skills.
As I said in another thread tonight, I’m a big fan but i’m Just not convinced he’ll make it as an inside mid. Despite his size he’s more of an outside player. They need to do something to utilise his kicking more

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The people doing the VFL and Nab League apps are apparently the more inexperienced people at CD and the footy live ones are after the games have been reviewed and watched again for a more accurate reading.

Not sure on what happens when the games are done live on footy live app but I can certainly vouch for their accuracy.

Article on AFL website says that as a cat B rookie Mcneice needs someone to be put on long term injury list in order to play. Is that bs?

He was upgraded already for Mutch.

The communication specialists have no idea.


Mutch has been placed on the LTI and Benny upgraded.

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"Ben McNiece led Essendon’s disposal count with 26 and five marks in the team’s 37-point win against Collingwood.

The Category B rookie defender is yet to play a game this year, needing a player to go to the long-term injury list in order to do so."


Champion Data always re-code the games after a live call I believe, thus there’ll always be some changes a day or so after a live stat game. The Langford one was very obvious which is why I checked again today - midway through the first quarter they had him with 2 possessions and I could remember 6 off the top of my head - suspect they got him confused with someone else early in their call.
They don’t put out two different sets of stats for the same games though - the coded stats are final and would be distributed to everyone paying for their service, suspect the AFL Live app will just update tomorrow or at some later date.

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While on stats as a general conversation point they need to do something with how they interpret stats from the new kickout rule now that whoever kicks in is just walking out of the square and therefore registering a stat purely because the opposition kicked a point.
We’re going to have defenders kick counts start climbing dramatically over historical data as I’m pretty sure kickouts weren’t previously counted as a possession unless the kicker-in kicked it to themselves to play on first. From memory Benny McNiece, Longy and Harts got most of our 11 bonus stats yesterday!
But I digress…


It had gotten to a point where players were kicking to themselves virtually everytime anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s how Heath Shaw would rack up stats in his statistically impressive games.

A little research is not hard…

(Except for anyone who writes for AFL.com)


Nah I’d guess it was well under 50% of the time overall previously, though I don’t have the stats (boom tish). Some clubs did it more than others but certainly the short to the pocket and long down the line from the square were both still extremely common. It’d be 90%+ of the time now.

Edit : Just saw stats from last year, 25% of kick ins were kicked to themselves and therefore counted as a stat in the AFL last year.


Yah that was my point.

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It used to be that if the ball went out of bounds from a kick in without being touched (even not on the full), it was a free kick. Does anyone know what is the case now that its pretty much play on every single time?

I don’t think that’s changed. Wouldn’t swear to it but I’m sure I’ve seen someone pinged for it the last fortnight.

Surely Langford’s reported lack of intensity can somehow be attributed to David Myers? Use some creativity Blitz.