VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV

Umps evened the stats up that quarter.

5-0 frees to us

Could mynott play the Baguley role.

Geez Mozzie is looking close to being ready as well imo. Let’s see if he cramps up in the last quarter.

its not a great kick commentator if an opposition player gets a hand on it

Cat runs a very long way chased by Mo22ie.

Mozzie annoyed at himself because he made good repeated rundowns but just missed.

on 2nd thought, cant carry mozzie through 2 quarters of footy, looks gassed.

Houlahan mark on wing. Nino forced an on-the-full, gets the free kick himself within range.

hocking cops an eye gouge?

Both teams look knackered, we just chip our way easily though the middle.

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Across the face, punched through.


fmd dropping the ball idiot happened b4 holding the man


They really mucked up an easy goal then. They got a free 50m out but Hartley gets the free for high deep down back.

Yet another free to Geelong for a good tackle by us.

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it was bizarre

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draper finally mentioned to not be on the field.

They’re down to 1 on the bench.

Ham has very decent speed.

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Draper rested for upcoming weeks. Commentators just said.


Really liking Ham today.

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Great kick to Berry, from Long.

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