VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV

Because we use him differently at AFL level.

BZT needs a sit down, wtf. that was LACONIC

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The players have stopped and so their kicks and decision making is getting lazy.

Percentage being destroyed :frowning:

87-52 at 22:30

Not many things as frustrating as being a Hartley clapper and then watching what he churned out at senior level. I got 36 on my jumper ffs.

Commentators trying to flog Hartley off to other clubs.
Uhhh…he’s contracted.

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Only until the end of this season

Traveller to NINO. Sweet pass and clunk, thirty out.

Crap kick.


Our guys looking very tired.

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BZT has had a shocker

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Begley says hi.

Liked Younan, Ham, Berry, Hocking.
And Hartley, natch.

That kick by BZT across the face was very Rance-like



how goods it seeing hocking enjoying leading the young kids in the vfl?


Hocking set shot. Started with a great HepA intercept.



Heath is happy with that difficult shot on the angle.



Love the congratulatory tap on the head to Buddha. Obviously didn’t see the massive bandage.

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These meth capital of victoria players sure do love to try a dangerous sling tackle.

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