VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV

Gown didn’t get much but what he did were often from Brown-like extended runs.

Having watched the replay, you don’t see that at all.

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Lindt and Lazzaro both look promising players. IF Lazzaro had kcked more accurately he would have kicked a bag today.
He isn’t flashy by any means, but I like Clarke. I reckon he needs a chance to show if his strength in close will hold up at AFL level.
Gown, without really doing that much, looks to have quite a bit of promise as well, and a nice mix of attributes - size, mobility, kicking, strength in the contest.

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Landt, 23rd man I believe

Hit outs 19 to 66. Didn’t matter much!

Read was OK around the ground. As a ruckman Sibbald should stick to full-forward.

VFL guys were very impressive. The older crew of Hocking, Heppell, Younan played as you’d expect. The younger guys Berry, Nino, Landt and Sibbald all impressed, although they were wasteful in front of goals

Ham, Hartley and Mynott were the pick of AFL listed guys. I thought Mo22ie was more involved throughout the game than he has been previously.


We had one less inside fifty. But we’re efficient even with our usual structure mostly missing.

Begley worst on ground, per Dreamteam points.

He was certainly giving the umps a run for their money

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What a joy it was, watching an Essendon team playing at the MCG. Just knowing we would win, and watching them playing with confidence, and me not having a meltdown, and expecting to lose…instead just a good relaxing experience…well done.


Absolute brilliant performance by the guys out there today.

One thing that stood out , a lack of ego and players just playing their role and doing their bit.

Lack of forwards due 5o injury, a couple players held over, dedicated vfl players who have to learn to roles on less time and top up players.

Net result 5 wins straight.

Senior side??
I don’t wanna play that way, sook it up for 4 weeks until they get to play their fun happy footy.

It really is about mindset and certain players putting their egos aside and just doing what they are supposed too.

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Narkle for them looks an AFL player.
Is he…not young, or…?

That would be the best game I’ve seen from The Traveller Wil Berry.

Persistence from the selectors finally paying off.


21 I believe and has had 2 senior shots so far, still developing.

Definitely young enough, then.
Saw him at the centre bounce once, too.
Not bad. Not bad at all.

Down to 262%



Yeah he is a very good prospect

Read started ok in the 3rd but then fell away and got pretty much dominated, hitout wise. But I thought Geel had much the better of the hitouts even in the first half when Draper was rucking. Their VFL ruckman is pretty good (forgotten his name) although he looks like he is pretty ordinary at ground level.
Draper was good apart from the hitouts. I haven’t seen him beaten in hitouts too often. Hopefully his knee is ok and the second half was just precautionary.

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I thought Draper adapted beautifully to the more mature rucks, getting underneath them and dabbing it out the back.

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Ryan Abbott…played a few games at the back end of last year, even though Zac Smith was available.

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Senior side would beat this team by 15 goals. They play exceptional football teams every week and are one of the most promising teams out there. VFL is a great standard but the gap is big.