VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV


Brayden Ham is going to be some player

Immediate impact at AFL level on debut

Showing his class at VFL level.


From his aunty: Edyn Sibbald was shaking as he went to take his first kick at goal on the MCG.

That one didn’t work out, but he went on to have a very good day at full-forward.


Hey @theDJR, what exactly does this mean? Is there some sort of rule change in the VFL that has lowered disposal counts or is there some other reason why 19 counts as a lot?


Opposition haven’t being getting it to our backline very often.


We’re an undefeated team with a percentage of 263% – but our leading possession getters this year are:

  • round 5: 23, 22, 22, 22, 19
  • round 4: 29, 29, 24, 20, 19
  • round 3: 26, 20, 20, 19, 19
  • round 1: 30, 28, 25, 22, 22

I should have written in our VFL this year. Clarke is 6th for handballs, the only other stat we have a player in the top ten is hit-outs… and not for long :disappointed_relieved:


I think my favourite bit of that goal sequence is Gown…the play looks like it has come to a dead end with him being cornered…but the step and handball is delightful!


Agree. At first I thought he was too light ( same height as Darcy but 10kgs less) and indeed he has to get out of the way when big bodies are attacking the ball, but as an outside player, he can kick long, he has agility, a big tank and speed and is a natural footballer. That is a rare combination.


Still injured. Should be back next week.


That handball was superb. Straight/flat and at the correct height. Done right it makes a big difference.


I thought that last handball was going over the top.
Also, #16 of Geelong won’t like looking at that. The importance of staying in the contest.


AKA former West Coast Eagles captain Scott Selwood.

That play started right in front of where I was sitting on our bench, the close quarters work was sensational.