VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed


The Fridge!


nice 55m goal from Begs


Begley long clearance to follow, then shepherds for a Tynan mark. He hits up Bruno. Who misses.



Dea another great contested mark. Kick is mediocre.




What tynan just did. Could the AFL team do that occasionally? Just kick a spear to space. It’s better than the long high ball that the opposition talls either spoil of mark.


Our senior team could absolutely use some Matty Dea right now


Dropping free to us plus fifty.



Younan goals from a 50m.


The only thing I’ve liked today, is Hartley in the Ruck


Both umps try to beat the other to pay the holding free to Ridley. Fennell got the clearance.


Under 200%!!!


Ridley goals, kicks it from 45.


Ump checks with AFL if it’s ok to pay us a cheapie at the is stage. Gets ok provided 10 goals up and siren close. But don’t make a habit of it.
…And another to Ridley! Umps getting carried away!


@jackie_mihocek is going full @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS with all sorts of silly nicknames for Fennell.

I’m not publishing any of them.


Long with a gorgeous 25m pass, straight to Casey with not one of our players around for 15m.


How much of the loss can be attributed to Myers?


This is the longest last quarter ever. Well, it feels like it.


Ridley marks a tough one on the lead right on the boundary, on the siren, goals it.





Ridley with a beautiful set shot goal after the siren.

8.7.55 loses to 15.6.96