VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Oh and surely Long is done? Has about 12 weeks to show something and I can’t see any miracles happening soon.

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Tough day at the office obviously, Casey have been hit hard by injury early in the year but they’re a very good side and showed it with some bodies back today, while we obviously lost some key guys. Thought Langford was outstanding and clearly our best, was getting tagged and in fact double teamed around the contest at times but was still comfortably our leading possession winner when he was shut down for the day early in the last quarter, most of his possessions were really constructive. Thought Clarkey battled a little for impact early and from memory only had about 12 late in the 3rd but found plenty of it late in the game, he ran hard all day and got some reward late for that. Rids went forward in the second half with some success, wonder if they might give that a go in the AFL.
Pretty long day for the boys particularly losing 2 guys in the first quarter, but we’ll bounce back.


Minor calf, should only be 1 or 2 touch wood.


probably flew to sydney in case raz didn’t get up?

or this, end me blud. im tired robbie

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Did we ( our vfl team) tag anyone playing for Casey?

The Bombers did their best in the trying conditions, but the Demons proved too strong in the 8.7 (55) to 15.6 (96) result.

Losing key personnel Edyn Sibbald (leg) and Nino Lazzaro (concussion) in the first half restrained Essendon’s chances of a comeback, as the margin started to become slightly out of reach.

Despite Casey getting off to a hot start, Essendon managed to ignore the scoreboard and bring it back to a two-goal deficit at the first break through a late goal from Ben Fennell (17 disposals).

The second term showed much better signs from the ladder-leaders, running hard on the wings and forcing turnovers to convert.

The Bombers’ second-term efforts meant they were still in the match at half-time, down by just 16 points.

They were composed and competitive early in the third, but inaccurate kicking, missed handballs and broken tackles meant Essendon was struggling to move the ball forward.

Key defender Michael Hartley (14 disposals, four marks) was forced to spend some time in the ruck, alternating with second-gamer Liam Read (17 hit-outs) who both did what was required of them against quality opposition.

Defenders Jake Long (13 disposals, six tackles), Matt Dea (20, 10 marks) and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (14, six marks) worked overtime under siege from the Casey midfield and forward line – the visitors kicking five unanswered goals in the third term.

Casey continued to kick away in the final quarter, controlling the majority of the play and disallowing Essendon to play on its terms.

The Bombers, now two interchanges down and fatigue settling in, couldn’t match the intensity the Demons were bringing late in the game.

Jordan Ridley finished with two goals, while Dylan Clarke (30 disposals, seven marks), Kyle Langford (25, six tackles, one goal) and Heath Hocking (21, one goal) were among the leading ball-getters.

Dylan Clarke racked up 30 touches against Casey. (Photo: Ben Johnstone)

Senior coach Dan Jordan thought it was a commendable effort considering the circumstances.

“Losing two key forwards early in the first half didn’t help - we were well and truly beaten but the boys fought the game out at the end,” Jordan said.

“We lost a lot of forward structure – Edyn and Nino were our tallest forwards and there wasn’t too many we could replace them with, so we just had to ask some of our guys to play above themselves and play their role for the side.

“For the most part we did that, but we were up against a really good backline who were putting some good pressure on the ball. It was always going to be a challenge, and our guys fought admirably but we were outplayed.”

Jordan also touched on the five-to-zero-goal third term, putting it down to Casey’s strong defence and some costly decision-making.

“We had the ball in our forward half for the first six or seven minutes but just weren’t efficient moving it inside 50.

“We seemed to be kicking from some poor areas and having shots from low percentage places, but that usually means the opposition is defending really well and forcing us out wide, or we aren’t making great decisions.”

He also praised Dea’s game across half-back, and thought Langford and Clarke tried really hard around the contest to create opportunities.

Essendon VFL now has an eight-day break before facing Sandringham at Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval on Sunday, May 19 from 2:10pm.

Essendon 1.2 3.4 3.6 8.7 55
Casey 3.2 6.2 11.4 15.6 96

Goals: Ridley 2, Fennell, Gown, Hocking, Langford, Begley, Younan

Disposals: Clarke 30, Langford 25, Hocking, McNiece 21, Dea 20

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Langford probably our best despite getting a lot of attention. Would be nice to see some support from him on here, but probably to be expected.


What can i say. The match committee dropped him. There must have been a reason. Imo, langford forward instead of Ham might have won us the AFL game.


Tall forward curse in the VFL as well. My Boy Lazarro injured and Sibbald injured also thats why hartley went into the ruck.

we dont look half as good in the middle without Draper.

Langford did some nice things. a fend off earlier. then in another contest a blind turn past 1 defender then step around another defender and kicked goal from just inside 50m. (approx 10mins in to the last quarter)

Landt showed some signs again.

I though mosquito was good. commentators light up whenever he gets near it. Thought he did a fair bit of running up the ground. Was starting at half forward and running into the centre at centre bounces. And started in the square for a couple of centre bounces in the last as well.

zerk-thatcher was good, but then also made some mistakes as well, dropped some marks, but also took a few.

We kicked 5 goals in the last quarter once the game was over.

Preuss smashed us in the ruck and around the ground.

Houlahan almost killed gown in the first quarter going for a speccy. He shows a bit but needs to get more of it. but given we got smashed today, cant really blame him or gown for not having great games.

Dea did well with lots of intercept marks but disposal was a little questionable. But probably best on for us IMO.

Long needs to work on getting more intercept marks, he doesnt get enough of the ball to influence the game.

Wonder if Ridley was sent forward due to AFL direction, or just due to injuries to Lazarro and Sibbald?
One of Ridleys goals was from a free kick inside 50 prolly 40m out straight in front in red time .
min final term. And the other one was after the siren approx 45m outm angle wind behind him.
Ridley kicked last 2 goals of the game.

Begley kicked a nice goal from 50 in the last quarter. But I wouldnt say he is knocking the door down. had a few chances earlier as well

Gown kicked a goal early in the first quarter i think, but barely sighted after that.

There seemed to be more turnovers than normal - maybe put it down to the wind at windy hill.


Well, the only good news is that we still top the percentage ladder by 22.8% over Richmond (now actually on top of the ladder) and that neither the Dawks nor Footscray caught up with us on wins (as they had a draw).

The bad news is Fark Northern are in the eight.

Sounds like this game highlighted the value of a good ruckman

Thanks for the reply. I am not going to “like” your post Paul. Tagging is part of most clubs “defensive armoury”. I am not sure we would have benefitted from tagging the dominant Casey mid, but if their ruckman was dominating to that extent, and they were tagging our best mid, maybe, just maybe we could have benefitted by limiting one of their mids stoppage work. This would at least have limited 2 attacking players from their stoppage work ( assuming they continued tagging Langford)

There are 2 possibilities when you are obviously being overpowered by another club. 1 try to play the way you want to play and lose anyway, or 2. Try something out of the traditional “defensive armoury” to help develop players defensive capabilities, minimise damage on the scoreboard and try to find ways for the playing group to handle the pressure to enable them to win close games of footy down the track.

It sounds like an inevitable defeat just proved that sometimes you just cannot play the way you want to play until the opponents switch off with an unassailable lead, and that’s about all you learn from the experience.

They didn’t have a dominant mid other than Pruess, in fact from memory their highest possession tally from a mid was about 20. Their pressure around the ball was outstanding, and they spread well from the contest, but the major difference was a couple of their forwards really got hold of us, mainly Tim Smith with a bit of a cameo from Pruess when he drifted forward as well. They put a hard defensive role on our best mid yes, but it had very limited success as he was still pretty clearly the best mid on the ground IMO.
Really not my place to get on here and talk tactics or coaching philosophies given my position, but no our issue on the day certainly wasn’t that we didn’t tag one of their mids IMO, and yes we certainly tried different approaches throughout the day, as the coaches ALWAYS do if things aren’t going to plan. And yep we’ll often put a hard defensive midfield role place if an opposition mid is getting away from us, as we did in the second half last week when Clarkey went to Constable and lessened his impact.


In the 2s. from the AFL.

State league affiliate: Essendon (VFL)
This weekend: Essendon v Casey Demons - Saturday, May 11, 2pm, Windy Hill

Midfielder Dylan Clarke was prolific in Essendon’s 41-point defeat to Casey on Saturday, finishing with a game-high 28 disposals.

Fellow onballer Kyle Langford responded well to his omission from the seniors, racking up 24 touches, laying five tackles and kicking a goal.

Utility Jordan Ridley was the Bombers most threatening forward with six marks and two goals, while Josh Begley and Noah Gown also chipped in with a goal.

Rookie Matt Dea impressed with 20 touches and 10 marks.


State league affiliate: Casey Demons (VFL)
This weekend: Essendon v Casey Demons - Saturday, May 11, 2pm, Windy Hill

Rookie key forward Tim Smith was imposing for Casey in their 41-point victory over Essendon at Windy Hill, kicking four goals.

Youngster Oskar Baker followed up his two-goal performance last weekend with another two goals on Saturday, to go along with seven marks.

Ruck recruit Braydon Preuss also kicked two goals and had a game-high 40 hitouts.

Rookie Corey Wagner was ferocious in the contest and finished with 11 tackles.

Thanks for the clarification Paul, we will need to find some solutions to the ruck problem. If that means learning to shark hitouts and or tag opponents, so be it. Preuss was always a brute, and now he is a brute with a tank, unlike the time he played for Werribee 2 or so years ago when he was already gassed at half time.

Will the mid season draft allow us to open a spot by placing Draper on the long term list?

Lowlights (except for The Langford’s goal starting at 2:10)

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I’d include the article, but it includes Hocking using the so-called-word “learnings”.