VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Oh ■■■■, we might get a bad run from now on then.


Clarke Langford Fennell Read in the middle. Ridley and Houlahan on a wing.

Time to drop Zac Clarke so we have a Ruckman in the VFL. That’s what matters this season.

Bezerk Thatcher badly misreads the ball. They mark and goal.


Uncontested marks are a problem in defensive 50 for both senior and VFL sides

60 Jack Hutchins for them is rubbish. Three fluffs in 15 seconds.

Five men come to our bench. Ridley told to nick off, we only have four to come on.

8-33, getting torched here. No wind right now.

Seriously struggling without Draper

No wind right now? That would be right.
Hartley beaten in a body on body marking contest.
Didn’t Smith give us a hiding last year?

Umpire more cowardly than the Casey guy who deliberately steps out of bounds.

Can you hear the crowd now? :slight_smile:

Houlahan has s set shot… from 50.8 metres and he doesn’t set it far enough right.


Little question there is some AFL/VFL directive that they’ll experiment with Essendon on alternative HTB interpretations. Quite extraordinary the double standards seen the past few weeks.


Great tackle from Jake Long

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Landt smother causes a rebound and Gown clunks on the good flank.

He taps it just over the defender heads.

15-32 at 14:30 into the second quarter

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great goal Gown
Didn’t appear to have the clearest of heads after taking that mark.

Same as last night, we have given them a sniff.

Heath marks and they hate him and smash him late. Fifty!



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Soft c*nt.

Probably from Houlahan smashing him in the first quarter.