VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Hocking cops a elbow to the head after marking 70m out
50m penalty gets him to top of square and goals.

Is Langford playing?

intensity lifted in last few mins with some agressive tackling

Could Hartley be our back up AFL ruckman???
Wins the tap, then crunches the opposition player.


Irving front and centre and the snap is a dud floater.


Totally forgot that Hartley used to be a Ruckman

mozzie sprays it left on the snap run from 30m out

More like it. Bezerk Thatcher pack clunk.

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And another mark for him on the wing.

Hartley’s Ruck work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Where have you been all my life??


Crowd will riot if we get screwed out of a third game in 20 hours.

wth was that younan?

umpire is never going to pay holding the ball

good chase and tackle by gown to keep it in F50

Uncharacteristic poor kick from Ridley

Casey make a rare foray forward and mark.

Falls short but Dea kicks it to the pool on the full.

What is going on with our club allowing uncontested marks inside defensive 50???

think it was mcniece

FFS… what is going on with this club???