VFL - Round 6 vs Dogs @ Whitten Oval, 11:35am Sunday 1 May 2022

Hind looks disinterested

And as I say that Ham knocked off the ball easily from a behind kick in, Zerk left trailing badly and they take an uncontested mark deep in the pocket. They goal.


Ruck contest should be interesting. Sweet will be looking to come into the AFL side next week so would want a good performance.

miss the stupid blind handball from ham?

Hind is AFL standard…

Brand playing?

Oh dear, McDonough, a horrid turnover down back, straight to them.

Shown zero since drafted.

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oh dear deary dear

horrible error by Hind

And that is why hind was dropped. Dumb footballer.

What’s even the point when you can run up that far anywya

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Immaculate football.

Sweet mercy. Hind kicking in from a point, chips 30m to a contest, they goal. What a mistake.

pull him off the field.

you can’t ■■■■ up a kick like that then blame others.

I cannot believe how much Hind has dropped off.

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Hind has made a horrendous start.

why is ham starting at centre bounces? hes afraid of contact, as per that example just then

Disinterested he is switched off Hind

Had one good year.

Look forward to Martin’s 2023…

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Fark you AFL; your botched stream of the most important game of the year so far (Hawks-Casey) is making me watch the VFL instead.

Footscray’s score for the weekend up 700% 9 minutes into the game.

6-14 we trail.

Oh, it’s up now, ten minutes in. Bye!

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