VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019

In the cloakroom

Sad to hear that Carlton has lured Ash Browne away. Great get for them but we’ve lost a very good footy person and that’s never a good thing.

No great loss. His decision making is clearly flawed.

All the best Ash.


Brown unlucky not to play AFL straight away.


If you believe the VFL release list (caution!!!) then…

Playing: Connellan, Hocking, Goetz, HepA, McKenna, Sibbald, Younan + Bowman as 23rd

Not playing: Berry, Landt, Tynan

That suggests one AFL player is injured or will sit out as emergency.

It also means 7 legit KPP/rucks: Hartley, Zerk-Thatcher, Brown, Clarke, Goetz, Sibbald, Bowman. Not counting the likes of Ridley.


Zac Clarke the only one missing during warmup???


Perfect condions for footy.

Correct, have theyfinalised the senior team yet?

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The mullet is alive & well here at Punt Rd

Another $20k fine?

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No, he’s on the emergency list.

Hopefully they concluded he’s the worst of our seven rucks/talls in the VFL team, so are managing him.


So are they having the full on welcome to country smoking etc yet?

Maybe they are managing tbell in the main game?

Dancing ceremony happening now. Looks good.

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The five year old in their dance is adorable. Do what Dad does!

Maybe giving the mid season draft ruck candidate a full run to see what he’s got.

Great to be seeing the lads live. Go bombers!


Rain showers on the radar hitting surf coast. May impact the end of this game or more likely 2nites game

How do we identify you humble?
( assuming you dont mind blitz folk introducing themselves)

Love the VFL stream - bonus to see all 3 games today (especially in Qld!! )
Bring it home boys!