VFL - Round 8 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 2:30pm Saturday 25 May 2019

Its sad , but true.

Dropped from vfl?

I wanna see Jok vs Chol in the ruck battle

Houlahan down back, filling a hole.

I want to see some guys get the ball in congestion rather than hover.

Enjoying watching Jok and Mo22ie

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We keep pushing and Baguley is on the end of it to goal.

20-44 at 16 minutes.

That goal came from some really good defensive work in the middle then by Myers, battled hard to stop the run on then got the ball out and series of handpasses lead to a goal.

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■■■■ me… where is the skills coach at Essendon… shoot them out the cannon NOW… when you are kicking into a two on one contest… KICK THE ■■■■■■■ BALL IN FRONT OF THE LEADING PLAYER… NOT ON HIS F-ING HEAD!

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Richmond are doing a lot of holding off the ball, never paid.

free kick for us to releive the pressure

Bags gets the ball on quickly to Mo22ie who doesn’t take the shot

Mo22ie and Houlahan two chances, neither get anything.

But as I write that Mo22ie goals anyway.


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Myers doing a lot of stoppage work and feeding the ball out.


He is going to be very good when he is ready for AFL, very good.


Myers starting to get into the game, ditto Hocking.

Mozzie can play.


this commentator is braindead.

first bounce of the day went about 20 metres away from everyone.

Tom doing some nice defending and tackling.

Bags with a fantastic mark and shot on goal

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