VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised


Probably wants too. Who would want to play in the rabble of the afl atm. The game is a laughing stock.


I didn’t see the interview but would guess this.


Houlihan, BZK and Ridley are the future. Play them.


EFC have put the Houlahan mark up on Facebook, and labelled him as “Air Jordan”.


Houlihan had 6 touches. Still not convinced despite the huge grab and slotting the goal. Needs to find more of it… if he’s only touching it 6 times st VFL level, he’ll be lucky to touch it at all playing AFL.


Gather Mitch Brown is still injured?


Geelong beat Footscray by a point!

Puts us back in second with by far the best percentage.


Myers a class above, if you were picking on form he’s probably next picked. I hope he’s not because he’s doing magnifcently at VFL level. Two very classy goals from 40m+ on nothing more than a step or two each under a bit of pressure. 14 contested possessions, 11 clearances. That drop in pace of game suits him. Would love Mutch to come back from injury and play a few months with him.

Snelling looked tough and hard, worked well in the contest and tackled well. Played mostly from HFF so I guess that’s where they see him getting a game this year? I’d like to see him more in the middle but it was a good first game from him,spread well and competed very well. Mynott made some mistakes but gave his all in the middle I thought, tbh I forgot about him.

Our defence is our strength. Zerk was awesome down back, intercepting everything. Reckon he might get a game soon if he keeps that up. Ridley and Gleeson good, and with Zerk and Hartley kept them at bay superbly from mostly rubbish bombs from the Blues. Throw in Dea and Long (mostly unsighted) who got the job done and it’s a great backline. Jok too switched all over and looks like a promising prospect. I don’t think the latter two will be on the list at the end of the year but Dea especially gives his all.

Ham very quiet early (1 disposal in the first) but got into some good positions and kicked two great roving goals plus a great set shot from the boundary late. Younan was awesome and shocking. Wrecked heaps of opportunities and kicked 5 behinds but also caused headaches all day, shame his kicking for goal was woeful. Heppell gave the usual Heppell performance.

I don’t see it with Houlihan. He has talent obviously or he wouldn’t have been drafted but it’s another game of well under 10 possessions and little impact outside a huge hanger. Reminds me of Steinberg early days when he’d get a big mark and have no impact otherwise. Z Clarke looked miles off it, tries hard but he’s a mile away.

Look forward to seeing Mozzie back in this team next week.


It was weird that they brought back Dixon and he took the Snelling midfield spot.


Reckon Mynott is the one to watch. He is a real chance of making it.


He looked very comfortable on ball. Constantly getting first hands to and taking time to pick an option and not just blazing away.

Assuming they stay in the VFL; Ridley, Ham and even Jok need to be used through the through the wings more often, especially the former two need to be fed the ball as much as possible as if they each get >20 disposals then they’ll have a huge impact on the scoreboard.

McKenna and Connellan must be beasts in the gym, they are as big as each other.

BZT should be called “the Mop” as he was just cleaning everything up today, probably his best game for the club.

Heppell, Hocking and Younan are very good at this level, Younan had the worst best performance you’ll see. And Heppell has really improved his game as he has matured, his athleticism and his kicking have gone from being weaknesses to strengths well down to the kid.


On the other side of the field, Essendon ’s David Myers continued an amazing recent run of form with 31 disposals, 11 clearances, eight inside-50s and two goals against the Blues. In the last three weeks since dropping back to the VFL, the AFL-lister is averaging more disposals (30), contested possessions (16), clearances (nine) and inside-50s (seven) than any VFL Bomber this season.

CLEARANCES (11): David Myers (Essendon)




If he stays at VFL level for the rest of the season, I could easily see him winning the league BnF, even though he missed the first part of the season.

They may even give him the Fothergill Medal for most promising youngin


I have always rated Aaron Heppell. I wonder whether he would have been a better pick than McNeice a few years ago.
He never loses a one on one.


Yeh but he wasn’t born in India so no chance unfortunately.