VFL - Round 9 vs Tigers @ MCG, 2:45pm Saturday 21 May 2022



Good to see Jones named

No Wanganeen. So he is the sub tonight.


Is this on TV?

Will be on the AFL app shortly

We are gonna win. Ham is our Center.

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Anyone else having issues with the stream? I’m getting an error. I know I’m 5 mins early…

Same error

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I think its the world telling us not to watch this car crash

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The AFL think they (or their cheapest contractor) can do this video thing better than YouTube.

Must control everything!

(borked for me too)

Stream down?


Someone crossed it.

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Any reason why A Hird not selected, is it because he is top up only status?

Too many to choose from.

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So I’m not the only one that can’t watch the stream?

We are already down by 7

Not just you.

Promising start. 0-8

Coburg game streaming OK

Not our home game.