VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


Gutsy AF win! You ripper!


A winning VFL side is good for a winning AFL side.


I need a nap


Abbey so wants a piece of stewie


Get a dog up ya kents


One for the ages


What a clutch tap from Draper. An AFL ump would have pinged hind for that bounce as Ellis tapped him on the ■■■■


Oh my!! That was a good win.



Prelim here we come!


Wooooohooooo! Well done boys!


Have faith peoples, I just wish the knockers on here would button it up at times.


That was a very good mark by stewart under pressure, had to hold his nerve and one grab it and did

As for the run by Hind…wow.BRING HIM IN


Come at us Casey


That’s was farking awesome.


Wow, Hind with pace to burn and stew with the sealer


Riiiiiiiiiiight down to the wire.

Hind you ripper.


He’s a goer but not good enough for the next level


You ■■■■■■ ripper!!


What a finish

Not often i jumping around yelling on the vfl