VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


We did say we would knock off Coll, Rich, Melb and Haw to win this year’s premiership.

Who knew it would be VFL.


If you are 2metres tall at the start of the game, you are still 2m tall at the end.


Anyone a possibility to come back from injury for next week?


At no stage during the last did I think we’d win that but we got the bits of luck we needed


Nick Hind take a bow


Great game and great win! Phew that was close.

When it went back to the centre it was in the 28th minute. Siren blew on 29:09.


Rolled the dice with audacity that was hardly deserved. But the result showed, we actually WON the game.


Hasn’t Smack recovered from his hammy? Surely eligible to play?


That was sweet, over that mob too. They’re horrid for football, horrid to watch. Great to see a moment of absolute brilliance took them down. Gotta win ugly some days but that moment is exactly the type of thing I want to see Essendon bring en route to winning a flag.


Watched on my phone in Fremantle and yelled when Stewart took that mark. Unreal!


Respect to Harrison for getting back out there… wounded but kept starting in the middle…wrenched that shoulder much more than two times.


Disagree, Stewart was easily 10 foot tall at the end of the game


Can you just imagine the reaction if we finished 8th in the AFL and knocked out Collingwood (5th) & Richmond (1st) in consecutive weeks?

Would be just about the best two weeks (premierships aside) in the club’s history if it ever happened.

Well done VFL side!


Thanks @Revie


Thanks @Maxx (non-sarcastically)


This is a real pain in the ar*se for the Richmond AFL team.

They’d be hoping to have a look at a few players, and hoping a few guys would find some form.


A win for the true believers. Clearly not #Revie.


Revie was spot on.


You saved me from high noting myself…

I just ruined it.


Forget Shiel. I want Hind.