VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


Didn’t you get it? Maybe it was too subtle


Can we celebrate knocking off richmind without a fkg pun? Fkg degenerates


Shoulder and groin isn’t a good combo


I turned on the TV…Hind breaks away and kicks it to Stewart, who marks and kicks the winning goal. You all can thank me.

On a serious note, didn’t our VFL team play in a prelim recently?




Special mention to Kobe Mutch. He copped a massive amount of attention, just absorbed it and kept competing . Gutsy. ( not to down grade any of the other players)


A close game, we needed a match winner and it was both Hind and Stewart that won us the game in the last.

Stewart had a poor first half with minimal impact but he grew into it in the third and has a great last quarter, a huge goal from 65m and that last match winning goal near the siren plus some contested marks. All up 13 possessions, 10 marks and 2 goals and could have had 4 goals had he taken his chances earlier in the game.

Hind was quiet in the first half, they were very aware of him and worked him hard but he came alive in the third and won us the game in the last with his leg speed and dash, that off the back flank dash he just ran through 3 players and delivered to Hind. Needs a spot on a senior list, probably Dogs will draft him as they usually do.

Down back I loved Hartley’s game, he was a rock all day and saved many a goal. Kicking and defensive efforts were just superb, really wish he did it at AFL level but he’s a class above VFL level. Zerk-Thatcher had a good day intercept marking and Ridley was good at getting the ball with some occasional moments of just banging it but he got a lot of the ball. Thought the core defence held up well. McNiece was tidy too and kicked a nice long goal.

Francis had a MARE. Literally helped get them back into the game with some baffling risky kicking and I don’t know how else to say but thats probably his worst game I’ve ever seen him play. Shifted up forward in the last to get something from him. Mutch was in the thick of it all day and was very good as was Heppell especially in the first half, both were our best in the midfield. Clarke tried but his kicking, one in particular which was the sloppiest kicking ball drop and grubber to a leading forward, was dodge. A long way back with that kicking, reminds me of Will Hams.

Long was Long. Had a few good moments, a few contested marks. Otherwise was MIA for most the day, overall a poor showing. Jerrett was useless until his rundown tackle and then gifted 50 goal in the last. He was very poor too. Mynott was OK but got hurt late I think. Draper tried hard in the ruck against some more experienced bodies.

Up forward Green was Green, some exciting moments and a seagull goal or two, did as well as he could from his chances. Younan started well but faded, overall good but both didn’t get a heap of chances.


Mynott also did his ankle.


The invisible man strikes again


Green looks very very sore too


Enjoyable day at the final. Couple of years now that we’ve made the prelims out of the top 4.

Great last quarter by Stewy with Hartley great all day.

Francis with good dukes as usual but kicking was horrific.


Nope. Not even close.

EFC staff glowing about Stewart’s game.




Any ideas when/where the PF will be?


Green will be giving that f*ckwit Morris nightmares, with those ‘slip away out the back’ goals.

Suck sh*t.


Just like their senior Richmond try to take away your strengths. They targeted Francis and Hind. Merrett and Zerk got off the chain early and the focus was put on them two.
I thought we did pretty well to nullify Miles and Ellis output.
Good slog of a game, sore bodies I’m sure of.


We all know that Clarkes kicking can be dodgy. However, in each game many players will have dodgy kicks, but if Clarke has just one (1), call in the undertakers. Just so you know, for quite a few years,the “little master” lead the AFL in CLANGERS. I am not saying Clarke is anywhere near the player that Ablett is, but lets just wait until the end of next year before we write him off.


Hold your panties, no one is writing him off. Just calling it as I see it.


2.10 Sunday at Stannards stadium I just read


that was impressive :slight_smile: