VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


Gleeson too


Shiel was in Sydney playing


I sit corrected.


Parish, Tippa, LAV, newLav, and the others mentioned. Woosha, Skippy, Jackets too


Plus at least Ugle, Heil, and Williams from the VFLW on the DJR Flank at the base of the coaches box.


Just went looking for the replay on 7 Plus but could only find last week’s game versus the filth. Has it been taken down already?


That’s my girl


Smack was there

His date was 10/10


Raz was there too


Nah that was me screwing up, thinking that was our Tigers game. That site is friggin’ slow at putting up the games.


Our crowd numbers shat all over the current Hawks/Cats crowd.


They were all over the other side (to the grandstand) canning on smack, lav etc


My favorite part of the broadcast was the 26 shots of Alice Rance in the grandstand.


Game is up in Estonia albeit low quality


Perhaps try going to the VFL website. They should have some highlights.


Today’s game is up, but ours isn’t :frowning:


Hey, @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS any chance of you having another crack at them about this weekends game? Ta muchly


I’ve sent a complaint in, doubt it’ll get better than a stock response about something something bullshite something arselickshite


I sent in a complaint too, how is Sundays game up but Saturdays isn’t? :frowning:


I wish you’d asked why rather than how.