VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


talk about first world problems… imagine having to wait a couple of days before a replay on a streaming service becomes available…

oh the humanity


Jeez mate, you’re up and about today! Just tellin’ it like it is yeah?


Cant disagree with that


Agreed. Unsatisfactory, I will give them a 7 minus.


I have a sneaking suspicion that this might have something to do with a deal with FUXX sport.

They get to milk the replay they want from VFL finals series for X days before it’s allowed up on the Minus 7 platform.


Which would be a first😉


Dreams of an AFL career are over. Played injured all year, never got to last year’s level. This time last year he was considered at the same level as Hind, the only ones from EFC that got invited to the VFL combine squad.


Game replay up on 7 ++

Relive the joy of knocking off the minor premiers Tiger team, stacked with AFL overflow ( we were also but never mind that)


Not taking credit for solving our “first world problem, (thanks alex), but I have had a couple of exchanges today

I asked why the Essendon Richmond final in the VFL was not up on replays. That would come under “streaming products” no?

On Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 12:44:46 pm AEST, Seven Network [email protected] wrote:

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Hi ####

Thank you for contacting Seven Digital Product Support.

Unfortunately the team you have reached is tasked with handling queries pertaining to our online streaming products.

If you would like to speak to someone about your query, please try ringing our friendly national switchboard on 02 8777 7777.

7 Digital Support Team


And bizarrely this only 10 minutes ago

Thank you for your reply.

We are unable to make the requested match available on 7Plus at present and our team is currently working on this. I hope that the same will be available soon.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

7 Digital Support Team


I got the same response from 7 too at exactly the same time. At least their auto reply is in sync lol.

On a good note at least it is finally up!


Yep. People power, wooo


Revisiting the 2 or 3 plays that lead up to the match winning goal.
Draper with 2 sublime hitouts straight into Heppels hands with only about 2 minutes to go. Then at the second stoppage at HBF Heppel, instead of just hacking a kick forward, a lightning quick forward handpass to Clarke, who hands off another forward handpass to Hind. Superb in close play by the 2 inside mids to get it to Hind. Hind, the guts to take the game on. Almost as exciting on replay as it was live.


Thanks will check it out this evening been waiting for it.


Same day as last week, … I’m almost certain it’s got to do with FUXX rights, and despite our efforts last week and this, they fell on deaf ears, as they simply were not allowed to put them up until 3 days afterward.

Fk 7 and Fk FOX.


What rights do FOX have to VFL coverage?


Not sure, … someone mentioned recording it on their iQ box, … but it just now occurs that doesn’t necessarily mean it was even on FOX, which I assumed it was, … but if it was, … it’s the only thing that would make any sense in so far as what I was told when I rang 7, …" They only have the rights to one VFL Game per weekend to put on Minus 7"…

me … “Not during finals surely, … you SHOW both!”, … “Thats all I know, I’ll pass on your complaint”

And then they go up anyway, … except 3 days later, … and both times it just happens to be the games played in Prime Saturday arvo spots, … and involving VIC AFL reserves sides playing each other, … so it seemed the most plausible explanation, … because o/wise, it makes no fkn sense at all.


IQ boxes can record free to air channels…




It was me, and I was recording channel 7.