VFL Southport. Bombers V Labradoodles


OK, I may have over-reacted to a picture of an empty field.


I share your excitement…

What number is prismal wearing?


Why do I suddenly feel like KFC?


It’s a gorgeous day here on the Gold Coast, a little cross wind breeze that favours the Northern end, but nothing like Windy Hill.

Finished up work, made an excuse for the team zoom meeting at 2.00pm and beat the Brissy traffic to get to the Goldie. Was fang’n so decided to grab a pie at the iconic Yatala Pie shop, then realised 5 mins on that I should have grabbed HOT CHIPS. They do a great HOT CHIPS and the gravy is a pretty reasonable one, but clearly not made from the roast left overs.

As I walk in here, it doesn’t bring back good memories. The Sharks are the silver tails of the Qld comp. The have the flash ground, the flash club and the flash (looking) players, though they’re a bit soft IMO. A bit like Carton in more ways than one.

15 years ago was the last time I was here (more or less) back when I was playing QALF in the seconds. It not that I was any good, because I was a hack. It’s more that the team I played for was crap. I mean really crap. The mighty Mayne Tigers had a proud history and many premierships, but they’d fallen on hard times and had been given the boot only to resurface some years later. You know they’re crap when a mate can ring you up and say “Nev, were short for AFL, want a run?” “Do I have to train, cause that’s going to clash touch footy?” “Nah” Count me in. The worst bit was I was probably one of their best. Actually the worst bit was I played at CHB - definately saw a lot of pill come my way. I remember our FF was fat as mud, so of course that’s where you park him, and I can honestly say that he never kicked a goal, I’m not even sure that he ever got a touch, but it was hard to tell when there kicking goals over your head from the midfield because our mids were really crap too.

Anyway, I digress…it distressing form me to sit here, but I’m going to take some delight in channelling my inner South Port Shark hate towards the umps (if the deserve it, and we know they will), and every-time I look at bulldogs I’m going to pretend they are the Southport Sharks of 2005.

Stay tuned.


@theDJR ill teach you to lock my thread! Just for that i won’t use all of my likes tonight!

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hahahaha, sorry I didn’t check if there was another - are you here?

We should borrow 2MP while we’re there and give him a trial.


This is THE THREAD… no pressure.

Lol na, i started a match day thread. Been locked until this finishes.

Fair call im just being a ■■■■ to DJR :rofl:


I could always claim PTSD from the ground if it gets too much

With this guy helping with the coaching, lets just write in the W now and be done with it.

(via EssendonFC twitter)



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It’s looking farking dead here - definitely southport sharks…?

The video uploaded on EFC twitter looks like outside Metricon

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club video update on twitter seems to show it’s on the outside ground at metricon

The video just uploaded looks like the training ground at Metricon

Yep definitely on the practice ground to the side of Metricon.

Who sent Nev to the wrong ground!!