VFL - week 2 final vs Werribee @ North Port Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 8 September 2019 - on telly and radio

EFC have also put the whole thing up on YouTube (their version?)


https://7plus.com.au/sevens-vfl (chockers with gambling advertising)


LVA…VAL…AVL…Ahh Fark it, I’m not worthy!

The behind-the-goal starting shot tells the story. Jok’s man is ahead of him but gets sucked into the contest versus HepA. Houlahan’s man is ahead of him but runs away from Houlahan and the contest, thereby allowing Jok to have plenty of space to run in and compose himself.

You can’t even see Hocking on that goal-to-goal shot. He runs from centre wing (at least) to the goal square.

HepA: you contested possession star!

I hope the club has some extra angles and can do a play breakdown as they do for the weekly AFL games.

EDIT: the video in the next post indicates they have multiple angles. Do it! @Catherine_Lio

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That is actually my cousin - #21 Louis Pinnuck, who had an OK game for Werribee in BP. I was afraid he might have been on Jok at the time which would have been sad for him, as he was picking up Jok when Jok went forward in Q2. But in this crucial contest he had Houlahan and ran away to man the square but didn’t get there in time and the ball went over the top of him.

Key contest was HepA getting the ball amidst 3 yellow jerseys.


second half
clarke good
Zerk-thatcher good holds up the defence
Long good
Hartley good in ruck. and pushed out (no free)in a few marking contests.
Tynan good in second half, notice him with the helmet on.

in last quarter weribee were running over the top of us a worry but they missed a few.
(1.2 ess vs 2.5 weribee)
Neilson and Riccardi good for weribee.

crowd went noticeably loud when Jok kicked the goal to put us in front late in last quarter.

2 goals for the season for Jok.

if Jok comes on he could be a handy contested mark around the ground with his size.

thought Begley had a fair game went in hard and played more midfield and got a bit of the ball and kicked a goal.

Younan and Houlahan both quiet.

Heppell pumped after the win.


Hocking’s influence is immense in my opinion. His experience brings calm, and he is able to bring the tempo of the game back a notch when needed.


Anyone know if McKenna survived the jumper punch?

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All clear.


Great thanks Paul.
I really like this guys effort. Only knows one way to attack the ball.
And anyone who might be in the way.


Old school footballer.
Keeps things simple.
Footballs and heads are both basically oval shaped.


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73 is way below this standard