VFL - week 3 final vs Willy @ North Port Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 15 September 2019 - on telly and radio


Why the fark isn’t the GF at Etihad?

Because it’s called Marvel now😜.

No seriously, I think it is. Golden Ticket.com are selling medallion club packages.

Its at Fark Carlton Park

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Well this will go down like a friggin lead balloon!

If we happen to make it and end up playing Richmond I reckon there will be lockouts.

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Prelim final tickets are available now:


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I would recommend everyone go ahead and purchase GF tickets. We are already there. :slight_smile:


How bizarre of Docklands.

Has there been a change in venue or do Medallion Club have it wrong?

If the latter, then their advertising is actually accurate since this what the patrons will be seeing…

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Spewin’, Got work until 2.45. Wonder if I’ll be able to sneak in at half time.

Looks like they are a ticket reseller website, could be a scam.

Anyone know where the GF will be played this year?

according to the VFL website:

Week 4: Sunday September 22, Ikon Park (Carlton North)

Grand Final: Winner Preliminary Final 1 vs Winner Preliminary Final 2

Grand Final: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood / Southern Saints

All times/dates TBC closer to finals

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At fark carlton stadium?

The football gods are against us.

Just got tickets

Sunday funday

Going to be a blitz section?

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geez, you’d want the built in iPads.

Slight weather update today.

Looks like #ponchopaddy may be back in force this Sunday.

I was hoping for 21C and sunny… hopefully it changes back.


My mate got this game (umpire) :sweat_smile:

Maybe mow his lawn this week?


Despite making a successful return this season from a severe ankle injury suffered in the 2018 JLT Community Series, defender Marty Gleeson is booked in for an ankle arthroscopy this week, but it is not expected to interrupt his 2020 pre-season.