VFLW - invitational vs GWS @ The Hangar, Saturday 13 July 2019 at 10:30am

We trap it forward, Moreen makes a smart tap rather than claim the ball, and that allows DeMatteo to goal.



Eloise is on Mackrill.

Hasn’t killed her yet.

Their 23 Tully is best on ground so far.

7-13. No easy shots today!

Eloise earns a high contact free from Mackrill.

Bomber down. High fend off?

It’s Svarc. Takes a literal minute to get up. Time kept rolling but play was stopped.

Walks off but guessing a concussion test is in order.

Mackrill kick down the wing is a fantastic turnover.


A thing of beauty, that bump down the middle.

My visit here was worth the frigid wind.



Very light rain.

Zagontinos waits for a ball to come to her and a Giant sweeps in to take the ball and goal.


Rain intensifies.

Huh. I don’t need a radio to hear WARF. Volume goes up as Quigley just misses a goal snap.


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Siren as GWS make a rare surge forward. Not the wind’s fault, we just played better.

1.2.8 trails 2.8.20 at half time.

I’m off to Windy Hill.

Not to worry. I think the AFLW penalty for death by throttling is only 50 metres.:roll_eyes::joy:

Final score 1.3.9 loses to 5.13.43

Sounds like I didn’t miss much leaving at half time

A fair few AFLW girls in that GWS team and some future ones as well. They are undefeated in their practise games against VFLW teams. Just for reference.


Can’t see full stats anywhere, but there is this from the weekly stats update on the VFLW site:

Essendon had the bye in Round 10 but instead hosted the GWS Giants in an invitational match, which the young Bombers lost by 34 points. In a valuable experience pitted against AFLW opposition, they conceded 135 more disposals and 28 more inside-50s to GWS but out-tackled the Giants 93-68. Federica Frew was a statistical standout for Essendon with team-highs of 16 disposals, eight clearances and six rebound-50s.

You missed a full half of Jessica Stassi, my friend, and that’s one helluva lot !