VFLW - Round 13 vs Saints @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 3 August 2019 - streamed

As long as you keep up the commentary.

Wind appears insignificant: C-Bomb just kicked near 50m into it.

Quigley couldn’t quite get it to out to Stassi for the goal.

STEPNELL! From a snap from Audley.

Marks just outside the square. She’s playing a mix of forward and ruck.


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Win the centre clearance, accurate kicks forward stopped by an ump free off the ball.

LOL, another free to them on the wing. Literally no one but the ump knew who was getting it.

Great smother on the mark and follow-up tackle to get the free by Ahrens!

Bugger. Contested mark twenty out by them.

Almost misses. Almost.


Georgia Nanscawen epitomising our hard-at-it approach. Gets a tackle free.

A little bit of niggle in this game.

Accidental high contact in a marking contest in easy range for them.



Audley’s tiny but she don’t take ■■■■ from the Saints.

Saints starting to get and win some marking contests forward.

Not sure if the wind is up but BANG from 48!


(Video adds the goal to our score!)

We get it out of the middle, kick deep to the pocket, and DeMatteo centres to Quigley. Unfortunately we cough it up.

On the rebound they go full length before Heil intercepts. But back again and the big scorers are coming hard at us.


Drizzle starts as we hit half-time.

5.0.30 we lead 3.4.22

That last ten minutes was the first time the Saints really got any space and flow to their game.

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Before this round the Saints’ defence had been legendary, conceding just 195 points in 11 games. We went past that 17 point average well before the end of the first quarter…

They’re down from 203% to 186%.

Go Girls!!

Wow Stasi (?), … Great Goal

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Stassi snaps the goal from hard on the boundary forty out.


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