VFLW - Round 2 vs Melb Uni @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 12 May 2018


Ground completely dry. It rained a LOT in Moonee Ponds yesterday so that shows you how much wind dries things out!


LOL we just kicked the wrong way!


Our Kearney (ruck) looks like she’s played six quarters already. So slow.

Neaves very good as CHB. Composed.


Mackrill gets free on wing. Set shot kick travels near to fifty metres and out the back Jessica Anwyl pressures then collects to goal!

12-6 we lead


World’s slowest ruck marks forty out, contested. Slow but still gets around the ground…

Doesn’t make range but ballup in the pocket.


Umps are ■■■■.

We’re getting murdered by delicate types who want to umpire AwFuL.


Gabby Gold point after Mackrill ran through a pack to get it into our fifty. Had three hanging off her!

Our tackling is fantastic, three frees in the last five minutes.



Kick dragged sideways by wind to the top of the race gives them a mark. She runs in to goal, albeit almost getting dacked.

13-12 at 16 minutes


Free to us due to their runner being in the centre square.

Kick to fifty and sweet leading mark at the highest point by Mackrill. Nice.

Quigley set shot falls short.

Rushed point.



You’re the most passionate of all passionate Dons supporters DJR, by a fair margin.


Hardy pushed in back to stop her running into goal!

Set shot is a… GOAL!!!

20-12 we strike in deep dark red time.

Siren before the bounce (static 20 minute quarters here)


3.2.20 leads 2.0.12 at half time.


Ugle BOG so far.


How about the club does something right and induct @theDJR into the hall of fame.


I’m pretty sure this will be better than the first quarter of the game at the MCG.

And that’s just the skills…


this is too real.


Parts of the cricket pitch are tending towards black bog. But mostly very firm, and the outfield is excellent.


Gabby Golds appears to have her own cheer squad, as she leads the team out.

I have to say her skills (especially handballing) are… not great.


Oh dear.

20-18 within thirty seconds, we just have to hold off the wind…


Good shepherds from Hicks allow Morecroft to clear the backline.

(Morecroft is still wearing 16.)