VFLW - Round 2 vs Melb Uni @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 12 May 2018


sack the club


AwFuL call for hacking the arms (veeeeery marginal) gives them a set shot.

And the lead.



Ugle stoppage clearance, kick goes long to Quigley mark.

For some reason she handballs to Mackrill who bulldozes an opponent rather than blind turning. Hurt, walks off under own steam.


Another Quigley mark. Thirty out in front but kicks slightly right.



Ball mostly our half in the first ten minutes.

Umps still horrific, guessing at out of bounds when those in the stand can see whose boot it actually came off…


Gabby leads the wrong way, the kick from Morecroft inevitably gets blown by the wind to the wrong side of that contest, and that leads to a goal by them.



Terrified when the ump blows whistle for mystery free deep their end. Luckily it’s a ruck free to Neaves, who has been good.

A minute later, beats three to save goal.


Mackrill back on and is good.

Down our end with two minutes left.


Hicks down back now, another save.

Mackrill bossing the forward line, ball spills free and we goal with seconds left!

4.3.27 trails 5.0.30, we have the final quarter wind.


Brain freeze, I started walking to the huddle before writing who kicked it… will come…


Set rotations are scheduled at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 minutes. None at 18.


Cmon girls!


Morecroft Francis-like float across front of pack to mark early.


Twitter says it was Ponter who goaled on the three quarter time siren.



Come on, get it away from this end!


Anwyl wins two on one on wing to get it forward.



Hicks kickout carries out to 55, despite being mostly sheltered by the building. Get out of this backline and use this wind!


Collier a crowd-pleasing smother in front of the stand.


Burnt ten minutes. Come on!


Ump has decided who should win. Point to them after they got caught with the ball and therefore got the free. And another. Un-handy points.