VFLW - Round 2 vs Melb Uni @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 12 May 2018


Umps cheating big time here.



This is bullshit. On the full free called from a fumble off hands. I’ve seen it all.



Mackrill just killed herself. Knocked out (briefly) diving into an opposition knee. Play isn’t stopped, of course.


Down our end but out of time.


Only DJR would put himself through this.


nah hes going the weak route and not watching the AFLM.



Point to us on the siren.

Credit to Melb Uni but the umps got them over the line in the last.

4.4.28 loses to 5.6.36


Thanks @theDJR

Appreciate the effort.


Bugger. Thanks djr


Last week when I got to the MCG we were in front…


Yet again, Windy Hill >>>> the MCG. Such a better “match day experience”, even if the margin was more of less the same.

Team was as named, and it took a hell of a last quarter from Melbourne Uni and some bizarre umpiring to deny us our first win.

The two teams each held sway for basically 50% of the game in, again, tricky wind conditions.

35 Moreau and 43 Ponter were goal scorers again, though neither stood out as much as last week. 3 DeMatteo and 20 Anwyl joined in this week.

Official bests were:

  • 6 Alex Quigley (so many chances to score)
  • world’s slowest ruckwoman 12 Beth Kearney
  • 46 Courtney Ugle (fantastic debut, despite the high number a class player)
  • CHB 25 Rebecca Neaves
  • captain 9 Lisa Williams
  • 20 Jessica Anwyl

Hicks did some decent stuff at both ends of the ground, Keil was a good inclusion this week too. Morecroft is critical at full-back and appears to be sticking with #16.

Mackrill may still be more of an impact player than sustained, but she is freaking awesome. Is homidical suicidal and genocidal, but without all the botches (I know, I’m working a very select subset of my audience with that description). If she can avoid killing herself or getting suspended for life, she has the class and intent to become a key figure in the team (and definitely the cult heroine).

The team nicks off to the Northern Territory next week (Victorian Football League Women, kinda) but they’ve replaced the VFL men as the lead-in match at Punt Road the week after at Dreamtime. Watch them, and then go home.


Lol… Watch them and then go home. Good advice that I’m going to ignore. I think I shall try and watch both.


VFLW highlights video (not really, it’s the goals and only a couple of those have any drama or context):




At collecting kicks? Her 16 was equal-second for the VFLW round.

#1” Trend was reasonably high on the round-wide ladder for handballs with 11. Seriously, they gave her that number purely so you could say/write that.

Williams (10) and Bullas (9) in the top ten for tackles.


Definitely not a blight on her footballing abilities the fact that I find her attractive. And very impressive numbers for the round.
I watched R1, haven’t seen R2 yet, whole group seemed to take it up a level in R2.


Per DreamTeam order:

Williams 16 kicks + 3 handballs + 10 tackles
Moreau 10+5+7 (+1 goal) — ha, I thought she had a quiet day
Bullas 10+4+9
#1 Trend 10+5+6
Ugle 6+8+3

Mackrill 8+4+2

Gabby Golds should be glad no one on Blitz cares (2+2+0)

Possession time was 45% to us. We trailed in all stats to various degrees except tackles where we won 76-53.


Are you going to do a Heff’s girl act and include her photo, like HG did for Guelfi?


I hadn’t planned on it no. But now yes. Yes I will.


That ratio 16 to 3 and 10 tackles. This girl is replacing skippy as well.