VFLW - Round 2 vs Willy @ The Hangar, 12noon Saturday 30th March 2024

Busch and Adams largely (not completely) rotated between back and mid. They weren’t picking up the same forward necessarily — e.g. despite Adams beating Harley at times last week, she never picked up Whiting.

I recorded the centre “bounce” attendances; will post that.

Perkins (moonboot) and Bernardi (yet to join training?) seem a fair while away. As with FCFC last year, if we can make finals they can make us relevant.

I have no evidence that Hunt is not progressing.

Restoring Molan and Marshall (and Morrow?) gives us options forward. Unfortunately the round one experiment with Ford forward was a flop.

If we were Box Hill, Bonnie would already have ten goals and we’d have two wins. Last year we had minimal AFLW KPP additions: Georgia Clarke (4 games), Gamble (2 games), and Marshall (3 games).

Centre “Bounce” Attendances:

Player Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Mahony 4 3 1 2 10
Ford 3 3 1 3 10
Wales 2 3 1 1 7
Russell 2 1 1 2 6
Chaston 1 2 2 5
Adams 2 1 2 5
Davidge 1 2 3
Melnikas 1 2 3
Busch 1 1 1 3
Total 4 4 2 3 13

After two games, Mahony has 22 of a potential 26 CBA. Russell is 18, Adams 13, Ford 10, David 9, Chasten 7, and Wales 7.

Also, the first of those is currently in Costa Rica!

The EFC one is a tiny bit more than stats (or at worst it is much better guessing from them!)

Gemma Bastiani was again calling our game, so her summary is also factual:

Brendan Rhodes also done his homework, with specific comments on Whiting’s multiple roles.

No reports from this match.

A Pie has been offered a reprimand for attempting to kick… a player.

Coach votes

10 Sharnie Whiting (WIL)
8 Mia Busch (ESS)
3 Ashlea Melnikas (ESS)
3 Ashley Thorneycroft (WIL)
2 Chloe Adams (ESS)
2 India Barker (WIL)
2 Stephanie Wales (ESS)


17 Madeleine Di Cosmo (NM)
16 Emily Bates (BHH)
12 Lauren Caruso (PM)
12 Ava Seton (PM)
11 Chloe Hunt (SS)
10 Nyakoat Dojiok (NM)
10 Jasmine Fleming (BHH)
10 Maggie McKellar (PM)
10 Eliza West (BHH)
10 Sharnie Whiting (WIL)

Not any more. Posted a pic in our weights room.


Stats: 16 disposals, six rebound 50s, five marks, two clearances, one tackle

The midfield general, Stepnell was everywhere, particularly early. She saw plenty of the ball, and was really influential in helping to try and turn things around for the Seagulls after a poor start.

Stepnell had 9 disposals in the first quarter, and 7 after that.