VFLW - Round 3 vs Richmond @ Punt Road, 12noon Saturday 25 May 2019

There is bit if sniping off the ball.

Bugger. Moreen snap is a point.


Ball is lost. Seriously, no backups. And no time-on.

Puruntatameri 2 Moreen!

Missed. Argh.

If we’d drew the midfield she’d have a bag of scores.


Moreen pushed in the back on the wing. Gets it deep forward but Stepnell and Puruntatameri spoil each other in a 2 on 1.


Svarc a fifty metre run down the wing sets up a Puruntatameri… point.


And worse, as the siren goes, DeMatteo has an ankle concern.

3.5.23 loses to 8.20.58

So today we found what happens when Nalder and the midfield are comprehensively beaten.

Still stuck on the ground doing their cool down as they wait for the boys to evacuate the room. Looks like there are three rooms and we got one.

Thanks for the updates DJR!

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The score looks pretty ugly (despite a good last quarter) but it wasn’t a whole ground problem. We got hammered in the middle from ruck downwards and eventually the backs cracked. They had a few big stars in the likes of 13 Woodward, BOG 11 Edmonds, 33 Colwell and oh yeah 3 Katie Brennan. We lacked big kickers to break the lines, compared to them.

Moreen is a massive X-factor. If our midfield wins she can kick bags of goals. I was surprised she never went into the ruck, given our problems there. DeMatteo was the only other forward looking like breaking free, and if she has an ankle injury it will hurt us a lot. Puruntatameri went forward in the last and had a lot of “almost” moments.

CBomb McIntosh has some legit tricks. Hopefully today dusted the cobwebs out and she gets it a bit more and does some serious damage.

Didn’t mid our 23rd debuting: Eloise Ashley-Cooper went in hard.

Next week is versus Fark Carlton, who got belted 50-19 by Casey in their only game so far.

Update: Fark Carlton lost 10-34 to the Saints. I have more faith in our women than our men next week…

Stats are up in the VFL app. They are a bit all over the shop: e.g. handballs 102-57 their way, marks 45-29 our way. As noted, we got murdered in the ruck (14-54) and ultimately had half as many inside fifties (so my comment about our forward line not being particularly less efficient than theirs was accurate).

As context to the below, Katie Brennan won the overall stats with 23 disposals, 8 tackles, and kicking 2.1 – ow.

Nanscawen had 14 and 5 tackles. Others included Anderson on 13, and Fogas on 11 and 9 tackles. Bullas way down with 7 (and 7 tackles).

As I noted, Ashley-Cooper had a decent debut as 23rd woman, getting 13 disposals.

The two main rucks were their Edmonds (45 hit outs) and our Nalder (9). Says it all.

Outclassed from the opening bounce, the Bombers tried their best against the Tigers, who soared to claim a 3.5 (23) to 8.10 (58) victory.

Richmond secured its lead early on, booting back-to-back goals in the opening minutes.

A quick snap from Monique DeMatteo brought it back to an eight-point deficit, while Laura Bailey’s late goal handed the Tigers their 14-point lead at the first break.

Essendon came out for a fiery second quarter, with high pressure and intensity around the ground.

The Bombers dominated play early but didn’t capitalise as both sides were caught in a tight contest.

Alex Morcom and Alexandra Saundry impressed with their defensive pressure, cutting off the Tigers’ attempts at goal.

Debutant Cecilia McIntosh (Collingwood) and first-year player Ruby Svarc were clinical in moving the ball forward, despite a scrappy contest.

Former Collingwood AFLW player Cecilia McIntosh made her Essendon debut on Saturday. (Photo: Ben Johnstone)

Freda Puruntatameri’s run off half-back saw the Bombers pick-up momentum, while the midfielders benefited from the added intensity.

The Tigers hit the ground running, breaking away with two early goals in the third term.

Richmond dominated the inside-50 count, converting its midfield dominance into attack as it propelled the ball forward.

Hayley Bullas’ intercepted marks forced Richmond to turnover possession, while a goal to Arthurina Moreen late in the third term saw the Bombers rewarded for their efforts.

Essendon missed several opportunities to score in the final term, but the deficit proved too tough a mountain to climb.

Skipper Courtney Ugle, who led from the midfield and impressed with her intensity around the contest, said there were positives from the defeat.

“Obviously, it’s not the result that we wanted, but (Brendan) Major said when we get the ball and we move fast and we really use our outside pace, we are dangerous. And I think when we did that really well, it scared the opposition,” Ugle said.

“The work-rate with our inside mids and our backline was outstanding today, under a lot of pressure, and I think they held themselves really well. I take my hat off to the backline group because they had a tough job today.”

The Bombers take on Carlton at Windy Hill next Saturday from 12pm.

Ugle said the team would be up for the fight.

“I think that we will prepare really well and come out fighting, hungrier than ever, because today really hit home.

“We know we need to recover well, re-focus and hit next week on the track with a very positive mindset moving forward.”

Essendon 1.0 1.0 2.1 3.5 (23)
Richmond 3.2 3.4 7.10 8.10 (58)


Essendon – Moreen 2, DeMatteo

Richmond – Bailey 2, Brennan 2, Gunn, Colwell, Chuot, Stahl

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