VFLW - Round 7 vs Saints @ The Hangar, 11am Sun 7 May 2023

Busch running laps.

It’s not raining but the ground is sodden.

Hmmm. Can’t see Kenny.

I think her replacement is Hurrell (or Davidge).

Prespakis here with her jumper-clad dog.

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Courtney GClarke and Hurrell with the defenders. Seven of them, so Hurrell likely playing?

Ryan and Sutton with the forwards.

By elimination, you’ll have noticed both VanLoon and Molan are with the mids.

Big-bodied on a wet day!

Gate near the food trucks is open.

Spattering of rain now (but sunny).

Davidge replaces Heil.

Wind playing funny-buggers on direction, in and out of the shade of the Hangar.


Some seats are for the long-legged only.


We are kicking north/left with the wind.

Ryan to FF.

VanLoon starts in the middle. Molan on bench as midfield rotation?

They get a mark thirty out but put it to our pressure.

Cloke must be screaming about our forwards pushing up too far already.

Sophie van de Heuvel a couple early intercepts.