VFLW - Round 9 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Sunday 8 July 2018 - DEBUT WIN


Pity they didn’t stream this one as well, as a Double Header, would have been a good thing I reckon.

Sounds like we are starting to gell as a team now.


Some light rain.


Down their end, 2 minutes of RED TIME left.


1.2.8 we lead 0.1.1 at quarter time.

Bullas runs to rooms at quarter time. Looks fine… and looks FINE.


Wind is mostly across the ground. If it does swing it will likely favour Richmond’s end this quarter. I didn’t really notice any effect on kicks during the first quarter.


I know the players now but the rarely-stopping nature of the game makes it hard to call.


Morecroft stays forward. Successful move so far!


Hicks and Collier been excellent in defence.


Bright sun out now. Blue sky!


Forgive my ignorance if already stated somewhere but, … any relo of “Our Gazza”?


Laan and Morcom kill a big chance… but Richmond then kick a dribbler from hard on the boundary from twenty out.


Richmond fans in the majority here, based on the reaction?



Given their names are spelled differently… no.


That would suck. Been around a couple of years though already haven’t they?

Following has a head start …??


Faaaaaark. Justified free out of middle (over-enthusiastic tackle from Bullas), kick to lead, mark, goal.

BUT… we clear from the centre, Quigley over the back, BANG!


Correction, we have the clear majority based on the crowd reaction to that goal!

14-13 we lead.


Neaves sells candy – impressive for a tall – and hits up Quigley on the wing.


10 minutes into the second quarter.


What about Morcom then …?? :smirk:


The 17-year-old 185cm Winbanks is in the backline.


Laan with the shepherd.

Gotta teach the phone a new name.